Jan 03, 2020 - New features and Bug fixes

We've successfully onboarded the pilot customers. 

New features

  • When someone tries to connect to a human from a bot conversation, we were not starting the round-robin to alert the agents on the dashboard. We call this "human handover". We've implemented the round-robin for human handover so that anyone who wants to talk to a human will get more priority. 
  • Also, when a human handover happens, the conversation will get moved from the bot conversations tab to the human conversation tab. 
  • When an agent in the dashboard adds a new agent to the conversation, the user was not getting notified in the widget. This is live now, the user will get notified if a new person is getting added to the conversation. 

Bug fixes

Some major bug fixes in this release: 

  • The user was not indicated when the system was looking to connect them to an agent, we fixed this. 
  • The time spent on a page and the number of site visits as a qualification rule were not working as expected. This is fixed now. 
  • There were some issues in the UI for Firefox and Edge browser, especially for the widget. This is also fixed. 
  • The mobile version of the widget is also better now, in terms of UI. 
  • We also fixed a few minor bugs as well. 

Don't hesitate to reach us at support@insent.ai if you have any questions.  

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