Dec 7, 2020 - Lead creation for Slack, Insent field variables in Audience, Multi-instance support to Slack and MS Teams and more

Create new leads from Slack.

We know human conversations make a difference in the conversion rate. Now your agents can create new leads or update the existing info directly from Slack in the middle of an active chat with the visitor.

You can choose to write back this information to your Salesforce/HubSpot/Marketo/Pardot integrations by configuring your field mapping settings to overwrite inputs to your MAPs.

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Use Insent field variables to segment your audience.

Leverage the capability of data you bring into Insent from your CRM or MAP to segment your audience.

Insent field variables help you tag and store all your inbound visitor data to specific Insent field variables, which you can define. Overall, more control across all layers of your marketing stack.

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Discover what your visitors have been telling your bot.

Scroll up in a Slack thread before accepting a chat request to get the full context of a visitor’s prior bot conversation.
This will help your agents understand what the visitor is looking for before chatting in real-time.

View location information of your visitors on form submissions in chat.

Now, view visitors' location information and the data they submit while filling a form within the chatbot. This will notify your channel members about the visitor's arrival.

Insent automatically attempts to resolve a visitor's country and region even without the data being collected through a form.

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Bringing Multi-instance support to Slack and Microsoft teams 

Multiple instances of Insent can now be integrated to the same Slack and MS Teams workspaces. Each instance will need to be connected to a separate Slack or MS Teams channel in the agent connection step.
In case you're looking to expand your Insent to other divisions within your organization or are just exploring new use-cases, feel free to schedule a session with me, and we'd be happy to help you out!
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