Dec 21, 2020 - Email validation, Advanced options and Widget behavior changes

Now, ensure your visitors submit only work emails in chat. ✉️

We have introduced an email validation option to restrict your site visitors from submitting non-work emails. You can configure an email validation step from ‘Advanced options’ in a 'Capture user data' step.

Note: The email validation option is added by default to the 'Capture user data' step.

We organize all advanced operations for a conversation step within a single tab. 🗂️

Each conversation has multiple options that you can configure. All advanced operations, like saving a user response, sending data to Slack, or waiting for an agent response, are now grouped under the ‘Advanced options’ tab within each conversation step.

To make configuring a condition or deleting a step more intuitive, we introduce new icons to add or remove a condition or delete a step in the options drop-down menu.

Improvements to the chat experience

Dynamic chat widget width: The chat widget will dynamically resize to give your site visitors the best first touch experience when the greeting message is shown.

Note: You can show a maximum of 100 characters in a greeting message step.

Messages start at the top of the chat window: Messages in the chatbot previously began at the bottom of the chat window. Now they start from the top.

That’s all for this week. And hey, if you would like to chat with us about any of these updates, we are available around the clock. Feel free to write back to us at

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