Aug 4, 2020 - Talk to us from your Insent instance, Chat Simulator and Office hours

Insent Inside: When in doubt, we’re here for you!

We are right here to help our customers reach their chat and conversion goals. And we just found a better way to be with you always. We are launching the Insent Inside, our support chat, right inside the Insent dashboard. Whether you have a question, or you need some assistance, we're just a click away.

Insent Simulator: A fresh look to your Chat Simulator!

With the introduction of Insent Inside, we are making minor enhancements to the Insent dashboard. The chat simulator is getting a makeover. Differentiating the support chat and simulator is easier now. 
We built a dedicated simulator pane for this !! 

Office Hours: Nobody wants to hear their phones chime in the middle of the night !!

We heard you!
It is crucial that you don't waste your prospects' time. More than that, it's important that you keep your team together, strong. And with utmost delight, we are launching the “Office/Business Hours” feature. You will now be able to add up to ten different business hours, with custom settings for every day, weekdays, and individual days in a week.
Go ahead and launch this through the Widget Settings on the Insent App. Read more about the feature and how to set it up here
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