Jun 23, 2020 - Advanced lead routing

Introducing: Insent’s Advanced Lead Routing

With advanced lead routing, you can route qualified leads to the right agents and close them in real-time. Routing can be configured to land your leads to the right agent and alert them in time, while the iron is still hot! The best part is, you can configure the routing along with the form-based activation and allow you to chat with your valuable leads in just a matter of seconds. 

Don’t worry, even if you’re unavailable or at the movies when the lead is on your website, escalations will make sure the right person will attend to them if you can’t. Keep doing your thing and Insent will alert the right people when a lead is online. It gets better - you can now route your leads to your Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

Feel free to reach us at success@insent.ai or on our website.

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