July 4, 2020 - Multiple audience rules, Conversation templates and Widget customization

Three's a Party!

Some of our customers have been telling us that they want to target their audience when they satisfy multiple rules simultaneously and not just one out of many rules. I’m guessing you can put 2+2 together now. We are rolling out an update to the platform that will now allow you to target your audience based on the grouping of multiple rules.

What this means is that, for e.g., now you can specifically differentiate and personalize conversations for visitors who visit certain pages of interest for your Sales/Marketing teams from the visitors of interest for your Support team.

More power to you!

Ready to Launch Templates!

Talking to a lead face-to-face or over a call may be amazingly easy for most of us, but when it comes to getting a bot to talk to a prospective lead, most of us are unsure of where to begin. It is also one of the reasons why we, at Insent, prefer to handhold our customers, create a few initial conversations until they can get a hang of it.
Ahoy! Our chat experts have studied conversations across different industries and prospects and have come up with five ready-to-use templates based on best practices for effective conversations with your prospective visitors. These conversations address use-cases of chat-based acceleration, inbound visitor engagement, lead generation, newsletter signup, and content-based activation for prospects.
What are you waiting for? Go onto the platforms and use these templates to engage visitors on your website!

Let's Spin a New Look!

  1. With Brand Prominence: With the new update, you will be able to update your logo on the widget icon, making sure that your visitors do not miss out on noticing your brand. If you feel that this is not something for you, you can still choose from two other icon styles available on the chat widget settings.
  2. With Better Colors: We are upgrading the visual appeal on the chat widget to a combination of a primary and secondary color palette. This is to ensure a defined contrast on different backgrounds, with the primary color reflecting on the header and the chat background (bot and human) and the secondary color reflecting on the chat text color. If you are already on the platform, this will be auto-configured from our end.
  3. With Better Greeting: We are upgrading the look and feel of the chat widget at the greeting message, which will allow you to craft the perfect and elaborate greeting for your visitors, with an increased character capacity. 
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