Connect Microsoft Calendar - Hotmail, Live, Office 365, and Outlook Accounts

Insent allows SDRs to connect their Hotmail, Live, Office 365, and Outlook Accounts Calendars to efficiently manage their workflow, schedule, and route meetings.

In case your organization is using Office 365 for your business workflow, you might need additional authorization from your Azure Administrator. Please refer to the article on the Office 365 approval process to learn more about requesting Admin approval and integrating your Microsoft calendar.

If you do not have an Admin approval process in place, you can follow the steps listed in this article and set up your Microsoft Calendar with Insent. 

PS: We also offer a Google Calendar connection. Learn more in the list of related articles.

Benefits of connecting your Microsoft Calendar with Insent

  1. Share your availability with your visitors by sharing your calendar in a live chat from Inbox or Slack.
  2. Manage your availability and avoid double-booked slots.
  3. Set up a minimum notice time to book a meeting to prepare for your upcoming meetings adequately.
  4. Avoid delays by setting up buffer time between meetings.
  5. Send reminder emails for booked meetings from within Insent.

Connecting your Microsoft Calendar

You can connect your Microsoft Calendar from Meetings → Settings, under the Profile tab.


Only one calendar per user can be connected with Insent, either Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar.

Meeting configuration screen

The Meeting → Settings tab

Under the Settings tab, you can notice two blue buttons with options to Connect to Google and Microsoft calendars. Select the Connect option against the Office 365 Calendar.  

Connect Microsoft Calendar

Connect to Microsoft Calendar

Next, log into your Hotmail, Live, Office 365, or Outlook account, which you would like to connect with Insent. 

Permissions required to connect your Microsoft account with Insent

  • Permission to maintain access to data you give Insent access: Allows Insent to see and update the data you gave it access to, even when you are not currently using the app. This does not give Insent any additional permissions.
  • Permission to view your email address: Insent will be able to read your primary email address.
  • Permission to view your basic profile: Insent will be able to see your basic profile (name, picture, user name).
  • Permission to have full access to your calendars: Insent will be able to read, update, create, and delete events in your calendars.

Microsoft Calendar Permissions

Provision permissions to Insent

You will now be redirected to the Availability tab under Meetings. It helps you set up your weekly meeting schedule. 

Setup your weekly availability

Setup weekly availabilityThe Availability Tab

Here’s what you can set up in the Availability tab:

The timezone of work: The default setting is the same as the timezone you’re logging in from. You can set up your timezone here.

Available slots for the meeting: You can setup up to 10 different slots in your week to indicate your availability to schedule meetings.

You can define recurring slots daily or just for the weekdays using the ‘Everyday’ or the ‘Weekdays’ option. You can also set up your slots at a more granular level by the day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

Same Day Scheduling (On/Off): Turning this setting on helps your visitors schedule meetings with you on the same day. If this setting is turned off, your visitors will be able to schedule meetings with you from the subsequent day.

Minimum Notice Time: This indicates the minimum amount of time to schedule your next meeting if you share your calendar with a visitor. E.g., If you share your calendar with a visitor at 1 PM and the Minimum notice time is 3 hours, then your visitor can book your available slots from 4 PM onwards.

Buffer Time Between Meetings: This is the minimum slack time between meetings to minimize meeting spillovers.

After setting up the Availability tab, save your Availability status. Navigate to the Meetings → Settings tab to check if you have successfully set up your calendar connection.

Post-setup screen

Post-setup Screen.

Customize your Meeting Invite

The 'Include Additional Information' section below the Calendar settings page enables you to add additional information such as a URL or a short description to your meeting invitation. 

The text added to the Include Additional Details section will be added in the calendar description. This information will be visible in the calendar notification and the email invite that is sent out to the prospect when a meeting is scheduled. 

Calendar Invite

Additional Info added to a calendar invite

Use the Additional Information section to share collateral (as URLs) ahead of time to help your prospects understand more about your company or your offering. You could also append your Zoom meeting room info or alternate contact information in this section to help your prospects reach out to you through alternative channels.

Disconnecting your Microsoft Calendar

To disconnect your Hotmail, Live, Office 365, or Outlook calendar, select the Disconnect option from Meetings → Settings when you have an active Microsoft Calendar connection.

Removing your Microsoft Calendar prevents you from scheduling meetings through the Native calendar step.


Disconnecting your Microsoft Calendar is a reversible action. You can reconnect your calendar by following the Microsoft Calendar setup process mentioned in this article.

Note - Completely removing Insent's access to your Microsoft Account.

  • To completely disconnect Insent’s access to your Microsoft account, sign in to your Microsoft Account and go to
  • Scroll through the list of apps and find your Insent instance.
  • Remove application access to your Microsoft Account.

Quick Recap

  1. Go to Meetings → Settings under the Profile tab.
  2. You can notice options to Connect your Google and Office 365 Calendars.
  3. Click the Connect button listed under Office 365 Calendar.
  4. Choose the Microsoft account that you wish to sync with Insent.
  5. Read through the access permissions required and check the Allow button.
  6. Your Microsoft Calendar is successfully connected with Insent.
  7. You can now quickly share your calendar and book meetings.

You are always welcome to contact our support team at for any further clarification or questions.

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