Push Insent Chat Log to Marketo

Insent Marketo Integration allows customers to push their visitor chat log to their Marketo Instance as a Custom Activity. This helps visitors that are already Marketo leads to be enriched with their Insent chat history.

In this article, we will discuss how you can record the bot and agent conversations for your known Leads in Marketo. This is the final article in a five-part series on getting started with Marketo.

  1. Setup the Marketo API
  2. Integrate Insent with Marketo
  3. Create Leads in Marketo
  4. Target visitors based on Marketo lists
  5. Push Insent Chat Log to Marketo

How is the Insent Chat Log is pushed to Marketo?

The chat log of all known visitors with a valid email is pushed to Marketo as a timeline activity at the end of the chat session. A session ends if there are no more messages in that chat for 10 mins

When a chat session ends, the chat transcript is pushed as a text and attached to the timeline activity. All timeline activities for a lead can be viewed in the Activity Log section for a specific lead. 

Customers can create triggers or add leads to dynamic lists based on this activity or based on keywords in the chat log.

Required Setup for Chat Log to be pushed to Marketo

You can begin receiving the entire chat transcript for agent and bot chat sessions in Insent after setting up a Marketo Custom Activity. This is a simple five-step process.  

1. Navigate to Admin -> Database Management -> Marketo Custom Activities -> Click on New Custom Activity

Locating the Custom Activity tab

2. Next, give a Display Name, API Name, and Description for the Custom Activity.
Sample values:

Display Name: InsentConversation
API Name: insentConversation_c
Description: This Activity pushes Chat Log to Marketo

3. Define a Filter and a Trigger. You can set up custom values for Filter and Trigger suitable to your Marketo instance use case.

4. Next, define the Custom Activity's primary field
Define the Name, API Name, and Description and Submit the Activity. It can have custom values suitable to your Marketo instance use case. Configuring this helps you discover the agent/bot the visitor is connected to. 

5. Once you have submitted the details, please ensure to make a note of the  Display Name and API Name. You will need to share it  with your Insent Customer Success Manager. 

6. You have successfully set up a Custom Activity in Marketo and you will now need to share the Display Name and the API Name with your Insent Customer Success Manager. 

Writing back the Marketo Chat History requires additional configuration to be set up internally from Insent's side. Once the setup process is complete Insent Chat Log will be successfully pushed to your Marketo Instance. 

Where will the chat history be pushed when multiple platforms are integrated?

If you have integrated a MAP such as HubSpot or Marketo with Insent, then your chat log will be always be pushed to your lead record in your Marketing automation platforms. 

Note: We can now push Chat Activity to any one system of your choice. This requires an internal configuration.

Please connect with your Customer Success Manager if you would like to push Chat Activity to Salesforce when Marketo is connected.

The Chat log is written back with the following priority order:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Marketo
  3. Salesforce
  • Case 1: If Hubspot is integrated, Insent will push the chat log only to the HubSpot lead record.
  • Case 2: If HubSpot is not integrated, but Marketo and Salesforce are integrated, it will push the chat log to Marketo.
  • Case 3: If only Salesforce is integrated, then the chat log will be pushed to the Salesforce lead/contact record. The Chat log will be pushed to Salesforce with the lowest priority. 

You are always welcome to contact our Customer Success team at success@insent.ai or chat with us from the Insent widget!

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