Jan 24, 2020 - Analytics dashboard and Bug fixes

The platform is getting stable and we're shipping a major feature today. 

Feature updates

Analytics dashboard

Yes, now you don't have to rely on anything else to figure out how Insent is improving your marketing process. The inbuilt analytics in Insent will give you an overview of how the platform is performing. 

Navigate to Analytics in the menu. In analytics, you'll have access to Site visits data, Engagements, Known accounts visited, Qualified account visits, Qualified account conversations, Average response time, and a trend graph of the known accounts.  


Bug fixes

  • In a bot conversation, the paths would repeat if the user sent a message from the widget. We fixed this. Now the widget will only enable the user to send something when a human is online or the bot asks a question to the user. 
  • The star and archive functionalities were not working as expected. We've fixed this. 
  • When trying to create a URL rule in the configurations, the system would automatically remove all the additional parameters in the URL. You can now use URLs with parameters in them.
  • There was a scrolling issue with the Firefox browser and is now fixed. 

Don't hesitate to reach us at support@insent.ai if you have any questions.  

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