Jan 20, 2021 - User Management, Google and Microsoft Calendars and a new Book a meeting step

So what’s new in Insent?

  1. Setup granular access controls for your organization through ‘Roles’ in Insent.
  2. Speed up the workflow of different departments by creating ‘Teams' in Insent.
  3. Google and Microsoft calendar integrations come to Insent. Now help your agents book meetings directly to their calendar through the ‘Book a meeting’ step without an appointment scheduling tool in the mix.

I’ve gone ahead and recorded a video walkthrough to help you understand more about the latest releases in Insent.

Setup granular role-based access control for your organization.

Insent offers you the ability to set up granular role-based access policies for the organization. There are two default roles available in Insent: Agent and Admin, which you can assign to different members based on their workflow on Insent.

Rule of thumb: Assign your SDRs the Agent role and the administrators the Admin role.

Granular access controls in Insent

ou can also create custom roles for your organization from the ‘Roles’ tab for provisioning a specific set of resources. Learn more about ‘Roles’ in Insent here.

Enable faster and better conversations by setting up Teams.

Manage your organization by creating teams to streamline their workflow on Insent. You can provision or revoke resources (access permissions) for a group instead of setting up an individual member’s roles.

You can modify a team composition or delete a team at any time.

Team based workflows in Insent

Integrate your Google and Microsoft calendars.

We learned from you that integration with Google and Microsoft calendars would help your SDRs stay on top of scheduled meetings. And, that’s what we built.

Calendar integrations in Insent - Google and Microsoft

Your SDRs can integrate their Google or Microsoft calendars from the Settings → Meeting tab. It’s a simple 3 step process.

  • Learn more about integration with Google calendar in this article.
  • Learn about integration with Microsoft calendar (Hotmail/Live.com/Office 365/Outlook calendars) in this article.

PS: Everyone can integrate either one Google or one Microsoft calendar at a time.

2021 belongs to your agents - schedule appointments only when agents are available.

We bring advanced scheduling options to Insent to empower your visitor to pick slots based on when your team is available in a week. Your agents can set up their weekly availability slots in the Settings → Availability tab.

Availability tab

The ‘Availability’ tab allows your agents to setup options to allow same-day scheduling, configure minimum notice time to set up an appointment, and buffer time between meetings.

Visitors can schedule meetings with your agents without another scheduling tool in the mix.

With the Google and Microsoft calendar integration, you can share the calendars of specific individuals or teams in the ‘Book a meeting’ step in the conversation builder.

The ‘Book a meeting’ step allows your prospects to set up an appointment with your sales team based on mutual availability.

Chat widget - Book a meeting step

Customize your meeting invitation by giving it a cool name, specify the agents and teams you would like to schedule meetings for, and define the length of your meeting duration. 

Insent then handles complex hand-offs based on agent availability and visitor preference. If multiple agents are available to meet during a specific slot, meetings are scheduled based on round-robin routing logic. 

Inviting someone to Insent in 2021? Here is what changed.

You can invite a member of your organization to join Insent from ‘User Management’ in the Settings tab. You can now invite multiple users at the same time. You need to know their email id, role assignment, and designated team (optional). It is a simple 3 step process that you can learn more about here.

Insent also allows you to deactivate inactive users. Learn more about deactivating a user here.

Please feel free to write to us at success@insent.ai or book a meeting with us if you have any questions.

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