Tag visitors during live chat in Inbox

Pre-requisites: You need to have 'Write' access to the Inbox resource set to create or assign visitor tags from Inbox.

Tags are a great way to help you understand your audience and segment them into homogenous groups.

Insent offers you the ability to manually tag visitors using custom tags to help your agents get a rich picture of inbound visitor requests and group them based on the inquiry's nature - for example, as a support/sales/feedback conversation.

This will help different teams identify and pursue conversations and provide the right resources to your visitors to cater to their needs.

This article will discuss visitor tags in general and how you can assign tags to your visitors in Insent Inbox.

You can also automatically assign tags to visitors based on the conversation steps that they have encountered. Learn more about automatically tagging your site visitors here.

Benefits of tags in ZI Chat

  • Distinguish different kinds of visitors based on their buyer journey.
  • Prioritize inbound requests based on tags assigned in previous chat conversations.
  • Segment visitors based on the nature of their inquiry, based on bot paths that they traverse.

What you will learn at the end of this article:

  • How to create a new tag for a visitor group
  • How to Assign a tag to a visitor from Inbox

Create a tag in Inbox

Creating and setting up tags in Insent will take you less than 5 minutes, and it can quickly help you segment your visitors into different user groups and qualify them based on your sales or support conversations.

To create a tag, first, navigate to the Overview section in Inbox. Tag creation is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Locate the ‘Add tag’ button in the Overview tab.
  2. Click the ‘Add tag’ button and type the name of the tag you would like to create. If you type the name of an existing tag, it allows you to assign a tag to a visitor.
  3. When you type a new name, you will view the ‘Add’ option next to the new tag.
  4. Select the ‘Add' option to create a new tag.
  5. A notification message is sent on successful tag creation. The tag is now created and is ready to use across ZI.

Create a tag from the Visitor Profile → 'Add tag' option


You can remove a tag from a visitor's Overview tab whenever you like. You cannot delete or edit tags once you create them.


Tags created in the Inbox are also visible in the Conversations flow tab. You can use tags created in Inbox to segment a visitor based on conversation step traversal.

Assign a tag to a visitor in the Inbox

Whenever an agent interacts with the visitor, the agent would like to classify the visitor based on the type of conversation with the visitor.

  1. To assign a tag to a visitor in Inbox, go to the Overview tab → Additional fields.
  2. Locate visitor tags under the Additional options section.
  3. Select the ‘Add’ tag option
  4. Search and locate the tag you would like to assign to the visitor.
  5. Click ‘Add’ or press enter to save your choice.
  6. A tag is assigned to the visitor.

Assign a Tag using the "Add Tag" button


You can add as many tags as possible, and there is no restriction on the number of tags added to a visitor.

Remove a tag for a visitor.

To remove a tag:

  • Locate the tag that you would like to remove from the Overview tab.
  • Click the 'X' mark next to the tag or uncheck the checkbox next to the tag. This will remove the tag from the Overview tab.
  • A notification will be sent on successfully removing a tag.

You can also automatically tag visitors based on conversation step traversal. This is very useful when you would like to track a visitor's journey and create in-built qualification checks for inbound visitors through real-time chat. You can learn more in this article.

Priority rules

There are priority rules to ensure that agent updates to the lead information have the highest priority.

Priority level (Highest to Lowest)

  • Inbox tags assigned by an agent 
  • Tags updated in a Conversation step.


Tags assigned in a lower priority level are merely appended to the existing list of tags assigned to a visitor.

Quick recap

  1. You can create a tag from the Inbox → Overview tab.
  2. Tags can be assigned or removed from the Overview tab.
  3. Tags created in the Inbox can also be used in the Conversations builder.

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