Automatic visitor tagging in a conversation step

Pre-requisites: You should have ‘Write’ access to the 'Conversations' resource set to update setup tags for visitors through the Conversations builder.

Visitor Tags in Insent offer you the ability to group visitors into different categories based on your interaction with them or when they traverse a specific path in a chat conversation.

This article will discuss how you can automatically tag your visitors based on a specific step being executed in a conversation. Now, with the ability to update Insent fields when a conversation step executes, you can set up automation to classify your visitors based on the nature of their conversation with you or based on specific qualifying criteria.

If you would like to tag visitors during a live conversation from Inbox, please refer to this article.

Benefits of automatic tagging in Insent

  • Improve your visibility on the site visitors who engage with your chatbot.
  • Configure segmentation criteria for your visitors based on conversation step traversal. E.g., By nature of visitor as ‘Customer’ or ‘Prospect’, or by nature of use case as ‘Support’ or ‘Sales’.

Update visitor tags in a conversation step

Each step in the conversation builder now has an additional Advanced option to update Insent field values. The 'Insert values to Insent fields' option allows you to update an Insent field parameter or assign a tag to a visitor.

The visitor tags created in Insent can be found under the ‘Visitor tags’ option in the Insent fields drop-down. The visitor is tagged when the conversation step is initiated for the visitor.

Note: The ‘Insert values to Insent fields’ Advanced option is disabled by default for some conversation steps. Enable the Advanced option to use it in a step. 

Automatically segment your visitors using the bot

Automatically segment your visitors when they reach a specific step.

To automatically assign a tag when a conversation step executes

  1. Choose the step where you would like to tag a visitor.
  2. Check the Advanced option ‘Insert values to Insent fields’
  3. Choose the 'Visitor tags' option under the Insent fields drop-down. And add relevant tags to the step.
  4. If a tag is not available in the tags drop-down, create the tag from the same drop-down menu. Created tag will be available across Insent.
  5. Save the conversation and make it live.

Automatically tag a visitor when they traverse a conversation step

Assign a tag when a visitor traverses a conversation step

Remove a visitor tag set up in a conversation step.

  1. To remove a tag in the 'Insert values to Insent fields' Advanced option, locate the tag you would like to remove.
  2. Then check the 'x' mark next to the tag to remove the option.
  3. Save the conversation to update all changes.

Remove an option by checking the x mark

Remove an option by clicking the 'x' mark.

If the Insert values to Insent fields option is checked, then you should have at least one active tag or Insent field update happening in that step.

Priority rules

There are priority rules in place to ensure that agent updates to lead information have the highest priority.

Priority level (Highest to Lowest)

  • Tags assigned by an agent.
  • Tags updated in a Conversation step.

Tags assigned in a lower priority level are appended to the existing list of tags assigned to a visitor.

Quick recap

  1. You can update visitor tags in a conversation step through the 'Insert values to Insent fields' Advanced option.
  2. You can assign an existing tag to a visitor from the Insent field drop-down.
  3. You can also create and update a new tag from the Tags drop-down menu.

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