Office 365 Calendar: Admin Approval Workflow

In case your organization is using Office 365 for your business workflow, you might need authorization from your Office 365 Administrator. 

Please share this article with your Office 365 administrator to help them authorize and configure Insent for Office 365 from the Azure control panel.

Note: The approval process for Insent Office 365 integration needs to be done once after which all Insent users can integrate their Office 365 calendars without an approval workflow by default.

Raising an Office 365 Admin Consent Request

Navigate to the Settings -> Meetings tab and select the 'Connect' option next to Office 365 calendar.

The first time you attempt to Integrate your Office 365 account with Insent, you will encounter a permissions screen with the title.    ‘Approval Required’. 

You will be requested to submit a justification stating why you will desire to integrate the application with Office 365. When you record a message and click ‘Request Approval’, your Office 365 administrator will receive a notification on the Azure application portal.

Notification when a request is successfully sent to an admin

Note: Your integration status will change to Pending approval when you initiate an Approval Request. This does not imply you have successfully integrated your Office 365 calendar to Insent. You will have to click 'Connect' once more to integrate your calendar successfully.

Administrator Review Process

Your Office 365 administrator will now receive an email notification requesting a review for an admin consent request. 

The consent request will contain information such as:

  • Requester: Name of the person requesting the integration.
  • Email: Office 365 email of the requester.
  • Requester’s organization: Name of your organization.
  • Requester’s app: Insent
  • Requester’s justification: Contains the message the requester submitted in the request form.
  • Request date: Date the request was raised.
  • Expiration date: The date the request expires.

Selecting the ‘Review Request’ option will redirect the Administrator to the Azure portal -> ‘Enterprise applications | Admin consent requests’.

Select the Application name from the Admin consent requests list and a ‘Details’ tab will be shown.

Select the ‘Review permissions and consent’ option.

This will open up a new tab requesting the administrator to log in to their Office 365 account. 

After logging in, a permissions screen will request the administrator to review and approve the application’s access to specified resources for all organization users.

The permissions requested by Insent:

  • Permission to maintain access to data you give Insent access: Allows Insent to see and update the data you gave it access to, even when you are not currently using the app. This does not give Insent any additional permissions.
  • Permission to view your basic profile: Insent will be able to see your basic profile (name, picture, user name).
  • Permission to have full access to your calendars: Insent will be able to read, update, create, and delete events in your calendars.

Once the administrator grants permission, the application will be listed in ‘All applications’ under the Enterprise Applications directory.

After the Application is Approved - What next?

All users can connect their Office 365 calendars to Insent by following the Microsoft calendar setup process described here.

You need not add users manually to the application in Azure if you follow default settings for your Azure Instance. 

The user who previously raised the application verification request will also need to click on the ‘Connect Microsoft calendar’ button from the Meetings -> Settings page. To learn more about setting up your Microsoft Calendar please refer to the Integrate Insent with Microsoft Calendar help document.

If the Office 365 administrator does not receive any verification requests

If your administrator is not receiving any application consent requests in the Consents and Permissions tab, it could be because User requests are turned off on the Azure User settings tab.

To mitigate this, ask your Office 365 Administrator to:

  1. Turn on admin consent requests from the Admin consent requests section.
  2. Add more people as administrators capable of approving application consent verification requests.

Locating different tabs in Azure

Azure portal: -> Sign in using your Office 365 credentials if you are an admin.

Enterprise applications: You can locate Insent in Azure Active directory -> Enterprise applications. This tab will show you a list of enterprise applications integrated with your Office 365. Insent will be listed in ‘Manage’ section -> ‘All applications’

User settings tab: You can locate ‘User settings’ on the ‘Manage’ section in the sidebar.

Consent and permissions: You can locate and configure user permissions for raising requests under the ‘Security’ section -> ‘Consent and permissions’.  

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