Feb 14, 2020 - Feature updates and Bug fixes

Happy Valentine's day, lots of love from Insent. 

Feature updates

  • To update the user profile on the dashboard, the agents can upload the display picture. 
  • The small pop up in the widget will have the close option from now on. 
  • We've introduced more fields for user data collection. Now you can collect Company name and Phone number from the user. These are validated fields so that you won't get any junk data in your system. 
  • It's better and easier to send multiline messages in a conversation now. 

Bug fixes

  • Some of our users raised a concern that they cannot use the platform without completing the profile. So we've removed the compulsory profile completion. But if you have to make yourself available for a conversation, you have to complete your profile.
  • There was a signup option for the platform. We don't see a need for this now, we've removed it. 
  • The links sent in a conversation was not clickable for a user. We've enabled the hyperlink feature. 
  • We've enabled the login from the Insent website. You can click "Sign in" button on the Insent website and use your dashboard URL to sign in to the platform. 
  • The widget UI was breaking words in half for some sentences. We've fixed it. Now the words will not break in half. Better UI for the widget. 

Don't hesitate to reach us at support@insent.ai if you have any questions.  

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