How does Insent resolve prospects?

With a lot of information on websites, a visitor’s interest is sparked only when there is personalized content displayed for the visitor. Insent identifies your visitors and opens personalized conversations meeting the visitor’s requirements. User identification plays an important role in engaging users with the best experience. It improves the engagement rate and increases the conversion rate.

Advantages with Insent prospect resolution

  • Recommend the right conversation experience for specific visitors
  • High chances of conversion when a user feels he is valued by offering personalized experiences
  • Notifies the right account owners about the leads that are nurtured and visiting the website
  • It helps to keep the users engaged throughout a personalized conversation experience.

Insent Prospect Resolution Block Diagram

Insent is deeply integrated with the market standard - Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot. Whenever you complete integrating these platforms with Insent, data from these platforms are synched to Insent.

Visitor arrives on your website

When a visitor arrives on your website, the website stores cookies, these cookies are used to collect information about how visitors interact with the website and understand more about them. This information is subsequently used to improve and customize their browsing experience.

Cookie Mapping

Insent JS uses the cookie ID to identify the user from one of the integrated MAP platforms (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot). 

During the first visit, user data from MAP and Sales engagement platforms will be tracked in the JS. Insent maps the cookie ID of the user with data from these platforms. 

If there is a match, then we identify the visitor and their information. Based on the resolved identity, we show them personalized conversations.

Salesforce Data Identification

Once cookie mapping is successful, the user's email ID is used to search for more information about the user in Salesforce. 

If there is a match, data from Salesforce will also be used by Insent to enrich the user profile with more data. If the user profile has different MAP and Salesforce values, then priority rules in field mapping is used to prioritize values and store them in Insent lead object. Learn more about Field Mapping in Insent here.

IP Resolution

When cookie-based user identification is in process, we also simultaneously do IP resolution to identify more information about the visitor based on IP address. We use third-party providers who identify the location, industry, company, and other important details from an account level.

User Identification

  • If there is no significant information about the visitor through these identification methodologies, we trigger a generic conversation based on URL or form submission.
  • If we have enough personal information about a visitor through cookie resolution, it helps us to initiate personalized conversations through Insent fields and MAP fields (Hubspot, Marketo data), which increases engagement rate and conversion rate.
  • If we get more firm-specific information about a visitor and the account through IP resolution, it is also used to initiate personalized conversations for the user based on the company name, location, country name, revenue range, employee range, etc.

Quick Recap

Prospect resolution is one of the key pain points for marketers when visitors visit the website. Insent chat experience is designed in such a way to ensure that your visitors are identified and provided with a personalized experience.

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