Tags in Slack

Insent allows you to tag visitors from Slack and segment them into groups. Your agents can assign pre-defined tags to your visitors or create and use new tags from Slack.

Tags will help different teams in your organization to identify and filter visitors based on their needs.

If your organization prefers working out of the Insent Dashboard, refer to this article to understand how an agent can assign tags to a visitor in Inbox.

You can also automatically assign tags to visitors based on conversation steps that they encounter. Learn more about automatically tagging your site visitors here.

Benefits of tags in Slack

  • Distinguish different kinds of visitors based on their buyer journey
  • Prioritize inbound requests based on tags assigned in previous chat conversations
  • Segment visitors based on the nature of their inquiries and on how they engage with the bot.
  • Tag visitors from your daily business communication tools

What you will learn at the end of this article:

  • How to create a new tag for a visitor group?
  • How to assign a tag to a visitor from Slack?
  • How to remove a tag from a visitor profile in Slack?

Create a visitor tag in Slack

Insent allows agents to create tags from Slack from the ‘More Options’ button under the ‘Profile Information’ section.

Update advanced info of lead

You can create or update lead information from the ‘Create lead’ and ‘Update Advanced info of lead’ options.

You can create tags for your visitors from the ‘Update Advanced info of lead’ option. Once the ‘Update Advance info of lead’ button is selected, a popup with a list of available lead fields that can be updated is shown. The ‘Update Advance info of lead’ option allows you to update personal information such as:

  1. Region: The geographic area of the visitor
  2. City: The city of residence of the visitor
  3. Country: The country of residence of the visitor
  4. Job Title: The current role of the visitor in the company


You can remove a tag from a visitor profile whenever you like. You cannot delete or edit tags once you create them.

Below the lead info fields that can be updated, you can see all the tags that have been assigned to visitors from a conversation flow, Inbox, Slack, or MS. 

Locating tags in Advanced lead info (Slack)

Tags can be created from the Tags dropdown list → ‘Create new tags’ option. Selecting the ‘Create new tags’ option will open a popup where you can create a tag of your choice.

Tags dropdown in Slack

Create a tag from the tags popup modal or open the 'Create a New Tag' option in a new window and create tags from there.

Create a new tag in Slack

Two tags cannot be created with the same name, an error message will be shown if you attempt to create a tag with the same name as an existing tag.

Create new tag

Assign a tag to a visitor

Agents can assign tags from the ‘Assign tags’ section in the tags dropdown list. Choose the tag to be assigned to a visitor from the dropdown list and select the 'Assign’ option.

Agents can also assign tags from the available list of tags from the ‘Assign tags’ option and click the assign button to assign tags to a specific visitor.

View existing tags

Assigning a tag successfully will change the status of a tag from 'Assign' to 'Assigned'. The Assigned tag will appear on top of the list of unassigned tags as soon as the tag is assigned.

Assign a tag to a visitor

View all created tags

The 'See All Tags' option helps you to view all the tags created in Insent across Inbox and Slack.

See all tags

View assigned tags in Visitor Profile

Tags assigned to a visitor are shown in the ‘Visitor Info’ section. 

Visitor Profile

Remove existing tags

To remove an existing tag, select the tags dropdown and choose the ‘Remove tags’ option. This will show a list of tags that have been assigned to a visitor in a popup screen.

Remove assigned tags

Remove the tags by checking the ‘Remove’ option. The state of the button will change from Remove to 'Removed'.

Successful removal

Note: Slack modal supports a display of around 95 lines. Hence, if you have more than 95 tags, we will only display 95 tags in the assign/remove and see all tags.

Quick Recap

  1. Create a new visitor tag from ‘Update Advance info of lead’ → ‘Create new tags’.
  2. Assign visitor tags in Slack from the ‘Update Advanced info of lead’ option and choose a tag from the dropdown list.
  3. View assigned tags from the visitor profile.
  4. Remove a tag from a visitor profile from the ‘Remove tags’ option in the 'Update Advanced info of lead' → Tags dropdown.
  5. View all tags from from ‘Update Advanced info of lead' → 'See All Tags’

Please feel free to reach out and connect with our support team for any further questions on success@insent.ai or Chat with us!

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