Mar 31, 2020, Powerful conversation builder

The upcoming release of Insent, provides a whole new set of functionalities that enable marketers to further personalize conversations to multiple audiences, get finer control on the conversations including greeting messages, shiny WYSIWYG editors that allow message formatting across the board and most importantly, emojis both from responding from Insent Inbox and from Slack. Yay!!


Details of this release

Human First (Extensive Audience and messaging control)

In line with our vision to enable Human first connections and conversations, we are making it easier for Marketers to define and connect with different audiences on their website, initiate conversations with the right agent and ensure your leads always get the red carpet experience they deserve


Deeper Audience Definition

With this release, Marketers can define in detail which specific audience gets to see a conversation and when does the conversation trigger for them. Below 2 options are made available with this release

  • Audience Definition

    • Define an audience based on either past website behavior, or based on presence in marketing lists available from your Marketing Automation Platforms. Marketers can add multiple rules using a combination of “AND” & “OR” to define in details who belongs to an audience

  • Trigger condition

    • Define when a specific audience gets to see a conversation. With this release, this condition is based on the current URL of the visitor. This condition can help marketers directly connect with the audience on a specific page, or throw up bots for different pages. In the future we hope to add more trigger conditions including, Form Submit, Time spent on a page and more 


Deeper Control on Human First Conversations

With this release, Marketers can define in detail how the Human first conversations will behave. Below additions will be very helpful in that endeavor

  • Control end to end messaging for Human first conversations. Customize Greeting message, in-chat notifications and more when you connect your leads to agents directly. Personalize that messaging for different audiences. You can even connect the lead to an agent in the background without showing a message, and throw up a successful connection message

  • Control end to end behavior

    • Connect different audiences to different agent groups using Slack Channels. 

    • Control how long the system should wait to check if an agent is available. For connection to Insent Inbox, deeper controls on Round robin connection

    • Control the behavior of the BOT in case agents are not available


Conversation builder (Finer behavior controls and Smooth UI)

We are bringing a lot of new features in the conversation builder that makes building conversations very efficient and also gives finer controls

  • Collect more details about visitor

    • Ability to create new Insent fields and collect information about visitors and map it in those fields. Also, sync data across these fields back to your Marketing Automation Platform

  • Send notification messages

    • We have added “Notification” as a new element. Adding this element as a step in your conversations, enabled you to send a notification to your visitor on their chat. This could be used to show a notification message for Human first conversations, like ”Hang in there, while we connect you to one of our sales agents”

  • WYSIWYG editor

    • We are introducing support for WYSIWIG editor that allows you to send formatted text across the board including support for smileys

      • Send formatted text from the Insent inbox. Allows agents to send a text with support for Links, Lists and other formatting. Also comes with a whole new emoji library :) 

      • Send formatted text from right inside slack - What with your leads from right inside slack and use the native formatting and similar library from slack to send all those emotions to your visitors and leads

      • Configure your BOT to send formatted text including smileys. 

    • This feature does not allow the visitors to send a formatted text yet. That would be released in the future

  • Rearrange items

    • This release comes with the support to rearrange items inside the conversation builder including the below

      • Rearrange the list of paths. The starting path is always the first path in the list and cannot be changed

      • Rearrange the list of steps in a path. This is very useful for you to visualize how the conversation will look for your visitor. This combine with the new preview feature will make the life of Marketers real easy

      • Rearrange Buttons and Input boxes inside an element

  • Real-time preview and simulation

    • We have made the conversation preview much better, with a full-fledged view of the Insent chat widget in a display, right next to the conversation editor. The preview changes in real-time as you add/delete/move and customize conversation elements. Right next to the preview is also the real-time simulator, which allows you to experience the conversation, exactly like how your audience would experience them. This could be used for testing both the conversation and also external connections like Slack, Marketing Automation and more

  • Overall much easier to use UI - We continue to place a lot of emphasis on ease of use. This is one of our core promise and value propositions and we will continue to strive very hard to make the life of marketers really easy and help them accomplish more

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further clarification.

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