Conversation Priority

Insent allows you to assign a priority level for each conversation that you create in the Conversation builder tab. 

Conversation priority in the Conversations list view

Assigning a conversation priority is compulsory, all conversations, by default, are added to the end of the conversation list and assigned the lowest priority.

If you have 10 conversations created in Insent, a new conversation will be created with a conversation priority of 11, i.e. it will be added as the last conversation in the conversations list. 

Why is conversation priority essential?

Conversation priority helps you show a specific conversation to a site visitor instead of another for the same audience targeting rules configured.

How to set up conversation priority?

Locate the conversation through the Search bar.

  1. Identify the number against the conversation. The number displayed is the conversation priority.
  2. Change the number to the priority level you would like to assign.

Troubleshooting: The same conversation shows up on all pages

If the audience URL targeting is too broad a conversation orthe conversation is placed at a higher priority than other conversations, then it might get triggered for your visitors.

Remedial measure

  • Move the conversation to lower priority.
  • Make the targeting narrow by specifying a page URL instead of a broader rule like a website URL. 
  • For example: Use a target URL like instead of the keyword 'Insent' to ensure a conversation shows on a specific page, In this case, the target conversation will show up only on the pricing page.  
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