List of Available Conversation Templates

Insent ensures that your company hits the ground running and quickly set up conversational chat experiences for your visitors. It takes less than 30 minutes to completely set up a conversation in Insent and begin engaging with prospects on your website. 

Insent provides a variety of Conversational chat templates to enable your organization to go live with conversational chat on your website. You can choose to customize available templates and modify them to best suit your needs. Or you could create a conversation from scratch! 

Learn more about how you can create a conversation in Insent here.

Accelerate Inbound Prospects: Human First Conversation

A human-first conversation to help you accelerate inbound prospects on your website towards connecting with someone in your team

Ideal for: High Intent pages (Pricing page, product pages, and custom landing pages)

Accelerate Inbound Prospects

Accelerate inbound prospects on your website through a conversation.

Ideal for: High traffic pages with leads in the top of funnel and middle of funnel lead stages. 

Content Activation for Prospects

This conversation helps you nurture and activate prospects with pieces of content in the chatbot. 

Ideal for: Blog, Knowledgebase, and Webinar signup pages

Engage Inbound Visitors

A template to help you engage inbound visitors, qualify them, and set up an appointment with someone on your team.

Ideal for:  High traffic pages with leads in the top of funnel and middle of funnel lead stages. 

Grow Subscribers

Enroll subscribers to a newsletter through chat. 

Ideal for: Newsletter pages, blogs, and webinar signup pages.

You could also choose to start from scratch and create your conversation by selecting a Blank template.

In case you have a suggestion for a new template, please write to us at or chat with us at

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