What is the Delay option in a Conversation step?

The conversation builder allows you to customize the chat experience for your website visitors. Each step in the conversation has a built-in option to set the lag time between two consecutive steps.

Set Delay time for a step

On the top right-hand corner of each step, you can find a number corresponding to the delay for each step. You can set your desired delay time through this option. Two subsequent Delay values are treated in series. 

Let's take the example of the above conversation, 

  1. The 'Greeting message' is shown 1 second after the site fully loads. 
  2. Next, the 'Show a message' step is shown 2 seconds after the widget is opened
  3. Finally, The 'Connect to an agent' step executes 1 second after a message is shown to the visitor within the chat widget.

The Delay step helps you control when a message is shown to your visitors. Coupled with the personalization elements in Insent, the delay step enables you to curate conversational experiences that best cater to your visitors.

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