How is Execution time different from Delay time?

The ‘Connect to an agent’ step in Insent enables you to route agent connection requests to individuals or teams in the Insent Inbox, Slack, or MS Teams. 

The step allows you to configure how notifications should be sent to agents through the routing settings. The 'Wait for agent response' option describes how long the conversation flow should be paused until an agent responds to a connection request. 

Connect to Agent step - with Conversation delay and Execution time highlighted

The 'Execution time' in a Connect to agent step describes how long the 'Connect to an agent' step will be active. Agents can accept and respond to visitor connection requests during this period. Agent connection requests will expire after the Execution time. Agents can attempt to re-initiate conversation by responding in the conversation thread. 

The Delay option, on the other hand, exists for a different purpose, to wait between two consecutive steps in the Conversation flow and to pause the conversation flow. To learn more about conversation delay, please refer to the FAQ on conversation delay.

You can configure how you would like to alert users by setting up the Alert, Wait, and Execution time settings specified in the 'Connect to an agent' step. 

Notification Settings in the Connect to Agent step(Glossary)

  • Alert: This setting allows you to alert 'x' users simultaneously.
  • Wait: This setting describes how long Insent should wait between two subsequent agent notifications.
  • Execution time: This setting describes the execution time of the ‘Connect to an agent’ step.
  • Wait for agent response: This setting pauses the path's execution to give time for an agent to connect and respond to an incoming connection request. If ‘Wait for agent response’ is not enabled, the subsequent steps will execute while a parallel agent connection request is sent to an agent signaling the visitor’s intent to connect. 

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