Push Chat Log as a Salesforce Task

Pre-requisites: The ZI Chat-Salesforce Integration should be successfully set up.

A crucial part of the conversational marketing paradigm is to ensure that all the chats with known Salesforce Leads and Contacts are written back to Salesforce. This helps ensure that context about all leads and contacts is preserved in Salesforce. 
By default, all new chat conversations with known leads are mapped to the respective lead/contact record in Salesforce.

Benefits of Pushing your Chat History to Salesforce

Preserve all the agent and bot conversations of your Salesforce Leads in the Salesforce Lead record. 

  • Ensure your Sales team has a rich context of all chat conversations with your prospects.
  • Maintain Salesforce as the single source of truth for your lead and prospect information.

This is the final article in the four-part series on getting started with Salesforce:

  1. Integrate ZI Chat with Salesforce
  2. Create Leads in Salesforce
  3. Account Based Targeting for Salesforce
  4. Push ZI Chat Log to Salesforce

How does Salesforce Chat Log Writeback work?

ZI Chat will push the chat log for a visitor (the visitor should be an  existing Salesforce Lead or Salesforce Contact) as soon as there are no more messages from the visitor for more than 10 minutes. 

The names of the individuals involved in the chat and the conversation text are exported in text format and appended to the Lead/Contact record as a Salesforce task. ZI Chat will push the entire chat log, including the chat timestamp as comments (in UTC).

Completed task

You can view the Chat history for a Salesforce Lead or Contact as a Task. The Chat log is added to the Salesforce record as a Completed task. You can view all of the chat details as Comments in the Task Information section. 

The Chat history pushed as a Salesforce task is assigned to the Salesforce Lead or Contact Owner of the record by default. If no Salesforce Owner exists for a Lead or Contact record, then the Chat history will be assigned to the Salesforce admin who configures the  ZI Chat - Salesforce integration.

What configuration is required for Chat Log to be written to Salesforce?

The ZI Chat chat log is written to Salesforce out-of-box and requires no additional configuration to enable this functionality.

Note:  If a visitor has both a Lead and a Contact associated with them, then the chatlog will be written back to both Salesforce Lead and Contact records if Salesforce is the only configured integration .

Where will the chat history be pushed when multiple platforms are integrated?

If you have integrated a MAP such as HubSpot or Marketo with ZI Chat, then your chat log will be always be pushed to your lead record in your Marketing automation platform. 

Note: We can now push Chat Activity to any one system of your choice. This requires an internal configuration.

Please connect with your Customer Success Manager if you would like to push Chat Activity to Salesforce when Marketo or HubSpot is connected.

The Chat log is written back with the following priority order:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Marketo
  3. Salesforce
  • Case 1: If Hubspot is integrated, it will push the chat log only to the HubSpot lead record.
  • Case 2: If HubSpot is not integrated, but Marketo and Salesforce are integrated, it will push the chat log to Marketo.
  • Case 3: If only Salesforce is integrated, then the chat log will be pushed to the Salesforce lead and contact record. Salesforce Lead and Salesforce Contact have equal priority for chat history to be pushed to Salesforce. The Chat log is pushed to Salesforce with the lowest priority. 

Quick Recap

  • ZI Chat is designed to provide out-of-the-box capabilities to write the chat history for known leads and contacts back to the respective record in Salesforce.
  • Writing your ZI Chat history to Salesforce helps your organization preserve the context of all touchpoints within the Salesforce CRM. 
  • You can push the ZI Chat history to both Salesforce Lead and Salesforce Contact records. 
  • Priority rules dictate where chat history is preserved (in MAP or CRM). If other MAPs are connected, then Chat history will not be written to Salesforce.
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