Mar 23. 2021 - Shared Paths and Mutliple Field Mapping

Welcome to the second edition of Metronome. Our monthly product newsletter that aims to bring the hottest updates brewing at Insent and the coolest hacks in the conversational paradigm.

In this edition, we bring to you two new updates:

Introducing Shared Paths in Insent to help you re-use your most frequently used paths across conversations

Conversational paths such as 

  1. Qualification questions for your visitors 
  2. Problem diagnosis questions for your customers
  3. Webinar registration flow
  4. Content recommendation sequence to educate your visitors

can feature at different parts of the conversion journey for your visitors on multiple pages.

You could rewrite the path every time. Job of 2 minutes. But considering our love for experimentation, altering conversations in every flow, easily becomes a 20-minute task. You’ll have to hunt down every conversation that has the sequence and overwrite the changes.  That’s time-consuming, mundane. And any error might jeopardize the quality of the journey.

With Shared Paths, you can re-use your paths and edit parts of it if required on the go. And any changes made to the shared path will get reflected across all conversations that feature this path.

You can read more here.

Use the power of your entire MarTech stack to build a rich picture of your visitors and prospects 

Unlock the best targeting and personalization experience right by pulling data across your MAPs and CRMs. What does this make possible?

  1. Craft proactive conversation experiences that establish you as a partner in the minds of your visitors.
  2. Get an inch closer to building an accurate audience segment for conversational workflows.
  3. Power the performance of your campaigns by passing on the information within  Insent to your MAP and CRM.

If there are multiple sources for a data point, you can direct Insent to prioritize one tool over the other. This is absolutely customizable for every single field. You can read data from different platforms and feed them into Insent. Or write data into your platforms when it gets stored within Insent. 

You can read more here.

And that’s a wrap.

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