Feb 23, 2021 - AB Testing, Zendesk, Office hours for Teams and more

The story starts off with a tiny ticking device that emerged in the land of Greece, Metronome — A wooden musical clock that sits on a stand and throws out a series of even, perfectly quantized beats. It ticked its way from the 16th century and has helped many artists, such as Beethoven, orchestrate beautiful compositions. Even today, the ticks and tocks help budding artists stay aligned with beats and tempos.

So the question is — What does a tiny musical clock have to do with a product email and a team building a conversational marketing platform?

Back at Insent, one thing constant is a churn of updates by our Product team. We're crazy about shipping. And that's just half of the story. We have also been very obsessed about educating our customers about what we build and how it can help them scale faster.

We needed a channel to deliver the hottest updates and coolest hacks to you. And thus, the Metronome Series — To cover all the way from our product bay to your Insent app.

Metronome is all things predictability. And it's the series of beats we raise to you, our customers, to keep your conversational marketing platform aligned with the best practices around the world.

In this edition we bring to you -

1. A/B Test Your Way to Your Winning Opening Line - Every great conversation starts with a contextual greeting message! And no two buyer journeys are the same. What might seal the deal for one segment might not work for another. With this capability, you get to define your audience, brainstorm different openers, and get experimenting until your engagement rates shoot up

2. Channel Zendesk's Superpowers into Insent - No more losing those precious seconds by toggling between tabs and tools. Create support tickets and search through your knowledge base — all in the comfort of your chat window, be it your Insent Inbox, Slack, or MS Teams Inbox. Keep the conversations hot. And your customers happy!

3. Setup Office Hours for Your Teams Improve your connection and conversion rates by routing visitors based on intent or territory to the right teams across the globe. With this, you'll no longer have conversations slipping through the cracks (or time zones).

4. Your Routing Mechanism just got Snappier -  Route visitors to the right rep with the richest context. It could be one or more reps, or a channel on your Slack or MS Teams. If you'd like to route it in a round-robin, so be it. Prioritize efficiency and no matter how creative you get, we'll support you! 

5. Bringing Agility to Your Conversation Flow - Keep the conversation flowing in the right direction by understanding your visitor. Create new paths, switch paths as and when you learn something new, or create buttons that could trigger a different path altogether. All of this helps you curate a labyrinth of contextualized conversations to push the visitors to your finishing line.

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