Feb 6, 2021 - Insent Fields, Visitor Tags, MS Teams Revamp and Click Based Triggers

Segment your visitors using Visitor Tags in Inbox

Filtering visitor conversations into homogenous groups is very critical to allocate the right resources to each visitor. Sales conversations should go to your SDRs, and Support conversations should go to your Support executives. We built tags in Insent, for that and more!

Now your agents can segment your visitors into distinct categories by assigning ‘tags’ to visitors from their visitor profile in Inbox. You can also set up automatic tags based on how they engage with the bot.

Update Insent Fields in a Conversation step

Update visitor information in any step based on how your visitors interact with the bot through the ‘Insert values to Insent fields' Advanced option. The Advanced option helps you update an Insent field value in any conversation step.

You can add an ‘Insert values to Insent fields’ Advanced option from the ‘More options’ button (ellipsis icon) in each step.

You can set up and update Insent fields when your prospects reach a checkpoint in their chat conversation, be it a piece of content consumed, link clicked or a query raised. You can push the field(s) back to your MAP and nurture your visitors as fit. 

Priority rules exist to ensure that any visitor information updated by an SDR is not overwritten when a visitor subsequently chats with the bot.

MS Teams Revamp

Manage all your conversations from a single tab experience. Locate any of the chats you were a part of using filters or by conversation status (Open/Closed pending). Your SDRs will have all visitor context within the same tab.

You can reply to a post to start chatting with a visitor. Use the @bot_name followed by the message text to send a message from the same post thread.

Click Based Triggers in Insent

Engaged visitors interact with different parts of your website before connecting with your SDRs. It’s often a link here, a button there, a form filled, etc. Hence, It is vital to ensure that each of these actions drives the visitor towards a successful sales conversation.

Click based triggers help you configure a bot to activate and chat with a visitor when they engage with elements on your website

Curate personalized chat experiences for your visitors or connect them to an agent when they sign up for a webinar or request a white paper on your website.

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