May 4. 2021 - Dynamic Fields and Google Analytics

Welcome to the third edition of Metronome. Our monthly product newsletter that aims to bring the hottest updates brewing at Insent and the coolest hacks in the conversational paradigm.

As creators, we all indulge in crafting bite-sized wonders that give us the extra thrust to move forward faster. Today’s edition is all about the bite-sized wonders that will unlock the next phase of growth for you!

Leverage real-time website behavior to segment visitors and build contextual conversations that best cater to where your buyers are in their journey

With Insent’s Dynamic Fields, you can now build curated conversations for your audiences based on real-time data and iteratively prune your conversations that will convert.
Picture this. Emma, a potential prospect of yours, is scrolling through her LinkedIn. And then your paths cross. She stumbles upon your ad.
Being a curious cat she is, Emma clicks on it and is redirected to your website.  The moment she lands, she sees a warm greeting message with a reference to her regional festival, Brazilian Carnival. With a smile on her face, she explores further. And bam - there is another message that catches her attention. It really talks to her about the crux of her problem.

Before she could schedule a meeting, her cat jumps onto the keyboard and logs her out. (Well, it could be any reason. I guess, I just wanted to pick a fun, bizarre one)

Anyhoo... When she lands on your website again, she is welcomed back and is connected with a rep who is aware that she wasn't able to book a time. He offers to help her, answers a few questions in that process, and gets things done!

So… Do you hear those $$$ clinking yet?

That level of accuracy and optimization is what Insent's dynamic fields powers you with. The key is to think audience segments and conversations. Here a few starter ideas that might work for your business

  • Capture tracking information such as UTM parametersGCLID for the visitor, and identify high-value prospects.
  • Build tailor-made conversation flows for prospects arriving from different marketing channels leveraging UTM and Referrer information tracked by Insent
  • Set high-intent or high-risk signals such as booking/canceling meeting and trigger specific conversations
  • Use visitor-specific data such as geography (city, region, and country) and build conversations that sound local and resonate better.
  • Personalize greeting messages across different pages for the same conversation based on where they are shown to a visitor (Visit URL as a dynamic field)

Note: Dynamic fields capture customer activity data & are Write-only fields.

Read more about dynamic fields in audience here and conversation builder here.

Insent Google Analytics for Marketers who like to see the ROI of the tech stack and build solid attribution for campaigns

Capture events such as calendar clicked, meeting booked, conversations engaged on your GA, and track your campaigns all the way through the funnel.
Visualize your chat conversion metrics such as engagement events, messages clicked, phone number/emails captured, or meetings booked in Google Analytics.
Optimize your ad spend by driving traffic to pages with conversational experiences to improve your conversion rate.

Read more here

Let your chat widget grab the limelight when the prospect is very close to converting - Bokeh for your website!
When your prospect is on her way to submitting a form or scheduling a meeting, that is all you want them to focus on. Anything else at that instant could be noise. A potential detractor.
So to keep the prospect’s attention, we have introduced Bokeh that gets activated when a conversation is triggered from a form submission or an element click.

And that's a wrap! Excited to meet you again with the next line-up very soon.

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