How does Salesforce Event Creation Work?

Pre-requisites: Salesforce event creation requires an active Salesforce integration. 

This note describes how the Salesforce event creation process works when a visitor schedules a meeting from a 'Book a meeting' step. The Salesforce event creation through the Insent Chat Widget requires no additional configuration.

The Algorithm for Salesforce Event Creation

  1. If SF integration exists and a visitor books a meeting from a book a meeting step:
    1. Salesforce enrichment API is called.
      1. This will extract the Lead/Contact Fields (Default and Custom fields) and External Fields (Lead ID, Contact ID, Account ID, etc.)
      2. Next, a check will evaluate if the visitor has an existing Lead ID/Contact ID saved in the Insent Database. 
        1. If the Lead ID/Contact ID EXISTS, then the calendar booking event is created in Salesforce. 
        2. If  Lead ID/Contact ID DOES NOT EXIST then, Insent writes back captured data to Salesforce and then creates an event if Lead ID/Contact ID is available for the visitor. 
          1.  Lead ID/Contact ID is available if a lead creation or contact creation is successful in Salesforce. 
            1. Required fields for Lead creation: Email, Last Name and Company 
            2. Required fields for Contact creation: Email and Last Name 
        3. If a visitor has a valid Lead ID or Contact ID created after the book a meeting step, then the Salesforce event will not be pushed to the respective Lead ID or Contact ID.

Note: If a visitor has both a valid Lead ID and Contact ID (lead and contact profiles exist for the visitor), then the Salesforce event is pushed to both the Contact and Lead profile during calendar booking.

When does Insent call the Salesforce Enrichment API?

  1. Email is submitted in the widget, and enrichment is not done in the last 5 minutes.
  2. New data is captured for a known visitor.
  3. Calendar meeting booking step when a meeting is booked.

Lead ID and Contact ID is stored for existing leads and contacts in Insent Database when it is enriched by Insent. 

For Existing Leads and Contacts

If an existing lead or contact books a meeting and has its data stored in the Insent database and Salesforce Enrichment results in a Lead ID or Contact ID, then the Salesforce calendar booking event is recorded for the respective Lead or Contact record even when field mapping is removed for all Salesforce fields. 

This is because a valid Lead ID or Contact ID has been identified for a calendar booking, this results in the creation of a calendar booking event in Salesforce.

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