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Conversations are the definition of how the Insent platform should behave when there is a site visitor on your website. The conversation is a combination of steps and paths, which will contain all elements to configure a bot conversation or a human conversation. 

The conversation will trigger the specific audience based on the rules defined for the corresponding conversation. Know more about audience configuration here.

If you’re using the conversation builder for the first time, we suggest you start here.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn about creating conversations in Insent!

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To create the conversation, navigate to  Conversations from the main menu.

On the conversations page, you’ll see the list of all the existing conversations if you have created them.

  1. The “Create conversation” to the top right corner will create a new bot conversation and a pop-up will prompt you for the conversation name and the template

  2. In the blank template, the conversation builder will have no pre-populated paths and steps. In the “Standard template”, the conversation builder will have the pre-populated paths and steps to start with. After selecting the template, click on the “Create conversation” button to create the conversation.

  3. Creating a conversation will take you to the “ Audience” setting of the conversation page. The “Audience” setting page can be accessed in the conversations page and the settings are editable after the first configuration. This is where you should configure the trigger for the conversations and the audience for the conversation. Learn more here. 

Configuring the flow of the conversation

On the conversations page, the second tab is the conversation builder. If you are unaware of the conversation builder, start here.

The conversation builder will allow you to create new paths and steps in the flow. The paths will be on the left of the conversation builder. You will be able to rename the paths as you want them to be.

You will be able to create the steps in the conversation using the components available in the builder. The preview of each component will be shown on the right side inside the widget. The components available are:

  • Show a message: This component will display a message to the user. 

  • Capture user data: This component will enable the platform to ask for specific user data input from the user and store them in the database and write back to your marketing automation platform.
  • Book a meeting: This component enables you to schedule meetings onto your agents' Google or Microsoft calendars. This component manages all routing hand-offs based on agent availability without another appointment scheduling tool. Learn more about the Book a meeting step in this knowledgebase article.
  • Show a calendar link: This component will enable the agent to share a calendar link to schedule a meeting with a visitor.
  • Show a greeting message: This will show a notification message to the user. If the widget is in a closed state, the notification message will be shown as a greeting message in the pop-up. You can also A/B test and improve your engagement and conversion by A/B testing greeting messages. Learn more about Greeting Message A/B testing in this knowledgebase article.

  • Connect to an agent: This component will transfer the conversation to agents by notifying specific individuals and teams through a round-robin algorithm. You will be able to set up hand-offs between different agents through advanced routing in Insent. And if nobody is available or all agents reject the conversation request, the conversation execution will continue based on whether the conversation is set to wait for an agent connection or not. Learn about routing connection requests to your team in this knowledgebase article.
  • Plain text input: With plain text input, you can enable the visitor to send a free text input through the widget and save the input to an Insent field for future use.
  • Preset replies: The preset replies will enable you to show a set of preset replies and let the visitor select a reply from one of the options. If required, you will be able to save the preset replies in an Insent field for future use. 
  • Request Conversation feedback: This component will allow you to understand the customer satisfaction of visitors engaging with Insent on your website. We recommend including the feedback score step in conversations to consistently understand and improve the chat experience for your visitors. Learn more about the Visitor feedback score step in this knowledgebase article.
  • Redirect Buttons: This component redirects a visitor to a different conversation path based on a button click. Buttons are mapped to target paths in this conversation step, these buttons will be shown in the chat widget to enable visitors to choose chat paths that best cater to their needs. 
  • Go To Path: This component shifts the conversation flow to a specific path. You can configure which path where you would like to redirect the conversation execution. 
  • Zendesk Steps: If you have an active Zendesk integration, your customers can raise a support request or search your Zendesk Knowledgebase directly from Insent. Learn more about the Zendesk integration in this Knowledgebase article.


Each step can have a delay, which defines the time delay in which the step should be shown after the last step. 

Every path and step created in a conversation can be deleted and re-ordered.

You have to save the conversation after editing for the changes to take effect. If not saved, all the changes made in the editing will be lost.

The end of the conversation can also be considered as a step in a path. At the end of every path, you’ll be able to create the end of path redirection. The redirection can be done to any path in any conversation defined in the system. Also, the end of the path can be defined based on a button click from the user as well.

Copy, delete, or enable/disable conversation

Every conversation in the system can be copied, deleted, enabled, or disabled. In the conversations, you’ll find buttons to copy, delete, enable/disable buttons for the conversation at the top right corner.

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further clarification.

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