How to forward ZI Chat transcript to an email address from Salesforce?

Pre-requisites for setting up this workflow

  • ZI Chat-Salesforce integration is successfully setup
  • You have access to configure Salesforce Workflow Rules

Setup Process - forwarding chat transcripts to an email inbox

To set up a Salesforce Workflow to track chat transcripts navigate to Settings → Setup in your Salesforce instance.

Create a text template that will be sent to agents whenever a meeting is abandoned by a prospect. Navigate to Email Template → Classic Email templates.

Setup and save a custom Email template (text template). You can use personalization tokens in the email subject and body to send contact information such as Task Subject, Name, Comments (Chat body), Created Date, and Owner id.

Create a workflow from Workflow Rules | New Workflow Rules → Object type (choose the Task object based on which you are pushing Task information captured to an email address/shared inbox)

Setup trigger criteria to invoke this workflow when the Task Subject contains Chat (Task Subject contains Chat)

Workflow Rule Configuration

Finally, associate an existing  Workflow Action to send an Email Alert.

Link the Email template with the Email Alert and specify which agents in Salesforce or external email addresses you would like to send this email to. 

You are now ready to save and Activate the workflow.

An automated email will be sent to agents on your team through this workflow, immediately after a Chat Activity is pushed to Salesforce. This will help your team have the full context of visitor conversations and your agents to quickly get in touch with these prospects. 

Sample email sent to an agent from Salesforce when a Chat Activity is logged

You can do more with Salesforce workflows and ZI Chat fields. Please refer to the official Salesforce workflow documentation here to learn more.

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