Troubleshooting Office 365 Calendar Setup

If your team members are unable to integrate the Office 365 Calendar even after an administrator has integrated the app, there are a few ways to troubleshoot.

Reauthorize the Zoominfo Chat application 

What should be done: Request your Azure Administrator to remove the application from the Azure console and reintegrate their calendar with ZI Chat by providing necessary permissions.

Above: A team member (non-admin) is unable to set up their calendar or request access to the app

If you are unable to integrate the Office 365 calendar, after your Admin has integrated the app, it could be because the Admin has missed providing consent on behalf of the organization to allow integration for the Office 365 calendar with ZI Chat.

This is a small checkbox in the calendar authorization screen and it's easy to miss during the authorization process: 

Admins should enable consent for Zoominfo Chat Office 365 calendar to be set up by all users

To mitigate this, ask your Office 365 Administrator to:

  • Log into the Azure Admin Console and navigate to the “Enterprise applications” section
  • Identify and select the “Insent” Calendar application
  • Select the Properties option in the side navigation bar or click on “View Properties” in the What’s New section

  • Select the “Delete” option in the app properties. This will only remove the previous authentication done with Zoominfo Chat.

  • Your administrator should now set up their calendar integration and complete the admin approval process by selecting the consent check box.

Post Setup

All team members should be able to authenticate the application successfully.

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