The conversation builder

The conversation builder is one of the most important features of the Insent dashboard. The builder allows you to configure a flow in which the conversation should work.

A conversation flow can have a specific set of rules defining the criteria for visitors on which conversation to show and when to show these conversations.

The builder also allows you to configure the specific settings for each and every conversation, the steps, and the paths in the conversation. 

Navigate to the conversation page: Project settings → Conversations

The three major components in the conversation builder are:

  1. Path: A path is a single thread when visualized in a tree structure. The path will have a start at a specific point and end at a specific point in a tree.

  2. Step: Step is a component inside a path. Steps will have multiple options. Eg: Text, buttons, inputs, etc.

  3. End of a path: The end of the path is the definition, on which at the end of a path whether to redirect to another path or end the conversation.

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