Setup user profile and availability

Insent works best when agents set up their complete profile. The User Profile tab allows agents to configure essential information such as their designation, calendar link, phone number, and Linkedin URL. We have noticed that a complete user profile gives a significant lift in engagement with your visitors and prospects on your website.

Setting up your user profile takes less than 5 minutes to complete. We have timed it!

Benefits of a complete User Profile

  1. A completed User Profile helps build an image of credibility in your prospects' eyes and serves as an extension to your brand experience.
  2. Completed visitor profiles have a better chance of engaging people interested in understanding your product or business.
  3. A completed visitor profile helps your visitors connect with you through your profile and contact info. 

Setting up your Profile

Log in to your Insent dashboard and navigate to the ‘Settings’ page. Navigate to the 'My Profile' tab to set up your profile.

Setting up user profile

When you log in to Insent for the first time to set up your profile, your email will be pre-filled with the email you used to create the account. 

Widget behavior - Complete user profile

Set up the Following

  • Name: This will be your display name that your visitors will see when you engage with them in live chat.
  • Title: This will be shown as your designation in the organization under your name.
  • Linkedin URL: Your LinkedIn profile will be hyperlinked to the Linkedin Icon next to your name.
  • Calendar Link: Save your calendar URL to your profile to share with your prospects quickly. Insent allows you to book meetings to your Google and Microsoft calendars.
  • Phone: Enter your phone number to save it to your profile.

Setup your Availability Settings

To begin receiving agent connection requests in the Insent dashboard, you will have to set up your ‘Availability’ settings. You can set up your ‘Availability’ settings after clicking on your profile picture.

Set yourself to ‘Available’ to begin receiving agent connection requests from prospects on your website on the Insent dashboard.

If your organization uses Slack or MS Teams, you will receive notifications on your business communication tools in the configured channels. Please contact your Insent administrator to learn more about the channels that are configured to route connection requests.

Signing out of Insent

You will remain signed in after you log in for the first time. To sign out of Insent, locate and click the ‘Sign Out’ option from your Profile. This will log you out of the Insent Dashboard.

You will receive push notifications from Insent alerting you if your visitors arrive on the website while you are signed in to the Insent dashboard and routing to Inbox is set up. 

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further questions.

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