Customize your Chat widget

The Insent Chat widget has customization capabilities to make Conversational chat on your website reflect your brand language. This ensures your visitors have a chat experience that is consistent and aligned with your website branding and style.

This article will discuss how you can setup Insent to reflect your brand color palette. You might want to have your brand book handy when working with this article.

To customize the widget appearance settings, navigate to  Widget Settings → Appearance.

Widget Settings

You can customize Insent from the Appearance tab. You can set up the following:

  • Bot Name: The given name of the chatbot. The Bot Name is referenced in each chat conversation when a visitor interacts with the bot and initiates a conversation.
  • Company Name: The Name of the company is referenced in each conversation.
  • Description: Add a short description to describe the chatbot's purpose to help your visitors engage better.

Colour customization of the chat widget

The color of the chat widget can be customized to match your company branding. You will customize the background color, text color, and chat bubble in the widget. 

Note: You can change the color of the chat bubble for the visitor chat. All agent chat has a standard color palette.

Insent allows you to customize the color scheme of the bot through the Primary and Secondary color settings. 

  • Primary Color: The primary color will set the color theme of the bot and the chat messages.
  • Secondary Color: The secondary color will set the color theme for the visitor messages, the send icon, and microcopy (Description and Company text).
  • Widget Icon: Setup the widget icon from a preset list of available icons or upload your company logo to customize the chat widget.

Upload your Company logo

You can upload your company logo to customize the chatbot. We recommend the following settings for the best experience:

  • 500 px x 500 px
  • Transparent background
  • Supported formats: PNG/JPEG

You are always welcome to get in touch with our Customer Success team at for further clarification or chat with us! 

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