Installing Insent widget on your WIX site

Installing the Insent widget using Javascript is the most recommended way of installing Insent on your website. Once installed, Insent will track your users and provide them a personalized experience.

You can only access Insent dashboard if you are a project member. If you are not, get in touch with your team to have access to the project. 
Only add the Insent JavaScript on pages where you want the widget to show. For example, if you don't want the widget to be shown inside your product pages, don't add Insent JavaScript on your product pages.

Accessing the Javascript code snippet

Before installing the Insent widget on your website, we hope you have customized the look and feel of the widget matching your website. If you need any help, do get in touch with the Insent team.

Your Insent widget will have a unique Javascript snippet that enables Insent to work seamlessly on your website.

  1. Locate the Javascript snippet: You can find it by navigating to Settings → Integrations → Script(Tab). 
  2. Copy the Javascript code snippet from the section.

Installing widget on your WIX site

Follow these steps to install the Insent widget on your website if it's running on WIX. 

Login to your WIX administrator dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to Settings - Tracking & Analytics
  2. Click on the "New tool" button on the top right corner. In the menu, select "Custom". This will allow you to insert custom scripts on your website. 

  3. Paste the Javascript code copied from the Insent dashboard in the text box below the label "Paste the code snippet here". 
  4. Change the name of the script from "Custom" to "Insent script". 
  5. If you don't want the script to be available in all pages of your website, you can select custom pages in the options. 
  6. Change the option "Paste code in" to "Body end". 
  7. Apply the changes and the Insent widget will be live on your WIX website.

Enabling/Disabling the widget on your site

There could be situations where you want to hide the widget on your website. Eg: You haven’t configured any conversations yet or you just want to observe the accounts on your website. In these cases, you can disable the widget on your website and use the Insent dashboard only.

Navigate to  Settings → Widget settings. You’ll see a show widget toggle button. The button will be in the “Off” state as default. You can turn the feature “On” to disable the widget on your website.

Before turning the widget on, you should customize your bot settings and configure your conversations. You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further clarification.

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