May 3, 2020 - IP based visitor intelligence, firmographics data, and better user experience

We're excited to share that our team is working on better user experience and new features to give more power to your conversational marketing efforts. 

Insent IP based Visitor Intelligence

Insent will reveal your high-value prospects when they visit your website by translating their IP address to their account. You will understand who is visiting your website and engage with them in real-time with meaningful conversations. Now, take action as soon as your best prospects are on your website. 

Insent firmographics data

With our upcoming release, you’ll be able to segment your audience based on the firmographics data from Insent. Not just that, you’ll have better account information about your visitors in your Inbox and Slack with the Insent firmographics data.

  • Create more sophisticated audience segments: Create audience segment rules using the company name, website domain, geolocation, revenue range, employee range, industry, and SIC code.
  • More information about your visitors: Get more context about the visitors on your website. Your Inbox requests and Slack requests will have more information about the account of the visitor including the company name, industry, revenue, etc. 

Updated user experience

From talking to our users and dogfooding Insent in our company, we realized we can make Insent dashboard better for our users. To create a better experience, we’ve built a new navigation experience and a better menu structure. 

New user interface

We're making it easier for you to navigate

With our last version released, you have more power to create audiences for conversations. Now with the release of this new experience, we intend to make it better. 

  • Easy main navigation bar: We've separated our features and grouped into sections for easy access. All your integrations and related settings, all your conversations, all your messages, etc. 
  • Easy access to all settings: We've combined all the platform settings and giving you full control. You'll be able to access all settings together.
  • New Inbox: A better looking, easier to use Inbox with our powerful WYSIWYG editor. Enlighten your customers using custom styled messages. 
  • Easy to access profile: Change your status/ from any page, access your profile and availability easier than before. ¿

Thank you for all your feedback. Let us know what you would like to see next on Insent. We're always available at or visit Insent website to chat with us. 

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