About Insent

What is Insent? 

Insent is a human-first B2B conversational marketing platform that identifies and enables you to talk to the prospects who are currently on your website. Instead of relying on the call to action on your website, Insent’s chat will engage your visitors in a personalized manner. In addition to this, Insent will allow you to personalize the chat platform for your visitors based on their website behavior, their demographic and firmographic data, etc. 

What is human-first? 

At Insent, we believe conversational marketing is not just about chatbots. It’s about engaging the visitor on your website at the right time. We believe that if a visitor shows a clear intent to buy, talking to a real person at that stage of their buyer journey will make a significant impact on the sales lifecycle. Our platform will help you find the right moment to connect your visitors to your sales team. Read our philosophy ‘ Why Human First?

How does Insent work? 

Insent’s powerful audience builder will help you to split specific segments of your website visitors. Insent’s conversation builder will enable you to create personalized conversations for these specific segments. This will allow you to create custom conversations and audiences for your website visitors. Insent will allow you to segment your audience based on your marketing and CRM lists, visitors’ website behavior on your site, and their firmographics data. 

What is a human-first conversation?

A human-first conversation is when you allow your visitors a fast lane to your sales team. In this, Insent will identify the buyer as a high value one and alert the right salespeople in real-time. 

Can I chat from my Slack?

Yes, you can. Insent’s platform has native integration with Slack, allowing you to connect your company’s Slack account to our platform. With this, you will be able to send direct requests to connect with a human from your Slack channels. Any member of your Slack channel will be able to accept the request and chat with the visitor on your website via insent. Within the Slack channel itself, not only will you be able to access information about the visitor on your website, but you can also send the visitor’s information collected from the chat forms to your channel. 

You could also use different Slack channels and Insent configurations to route conversations accordingly. For eg; you can route support questions to a support channel and sales questions to SDR channel 

Can Insent integrate with my marketing automation platform or CRM? 

Yes, Insent will seamlessly integrate with Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce. We sync your existing first-party data from your marketing automation platform, as well as Salesforce while validating your website visitors. Based on the values from your integrated applications, you will be able to create specific audience segments. 

Can I use Insent to generate new leads for my company? 

One of Insent’s main use cases is to generate net new leads for our customers. You will be able to configure custom conversational forms in Insent’s chat to collect a visitor’s information at the right time. When a visitor’s email is known to Insent, Insent will then create a lead in the integrated platforms, your marketing automation or CRM. 

In addition to this, you can also configure the conversation to ask specific questions to your visitor, and have the data sent back to your integrated platforms as a part of the lead. 

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at success@insent.ai for any further clarification.

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