Integrating Insent with your Microsoft Teams

Teams is a business communication platform by Microsoft that will help you connect with your team through workspace chat, videoconferencing, and a host of integrations with Microsoft suite and third-party tools. With Teams-Insent integration, you will be able to talk to your website visitors from your MS Teams channels. 

As a part of going remote, many teams rely on 'MS Teams' as their internal communication tool. At Insent, we try our best to integrate into our users' daily routine, and we want your team to engage with the visitors on your website directly from your Microsoft Teams. 

This guide will walk you through integrating Insent with 'MS Teams' and installing the Insent app on your 'MS Teams' instance. 


Insent will filter the visitors on your website based on the audience settings you have for each conversation and send alerts to the corresponding routing medium. The alerts will be based on the routing settings you have configured in the agent connection step of Insent. 

Once you integrate your 'Microsoft Teams,' you'll have the 'MS Teams' option in the ' Connect to an agent step' in the conversation builder as a routing method. You'll need to select the channel to which you want to send the alerts. 

With this option, the platform will send the agent connection alerts to your 'MS Teams' channel.

If the alerts are routed to 'MS Teams,' you'll receive the alerts in the respective channel where the Insent bot is Installed on 'MS Teams'. The respective personnel for the conversation(based on the account ownership and routing setting) will also be notified in the 'MS Teams' channel based on the routing settings. 

Integrating Insent to your MS Teams account

Connect your MS Teams accounts from the integrations page and authorize Insent with your Teams account's asked permissions. Then install the Insent bot in your Teams channel. 

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations. Click on the Connect button for the Microsoft Teams. You'll be redirected to the authorization page of 'MS Teams.'

  2. Authorize the Insent app using your Microsoft Teams credentials. You'll need admin permissions of your 'MS Teams' account to authorize the integration. 
  3. After the authorization, you'll be redirected to a verification page. Once the verification is done, the page will indicate whether the integration is successful or not. You can close the page after getting verified, and the integration is successful.
  4. The 'Connect' button for the 'MS Teams' in your integrations page will now be indicating 'MS Teams' as Connected. This means your 'Teams' account is connected with Insent. 

Adding the Insent app to MS Teams

Navigate to more options from the main menu and click on 'More apps.' Or you can click the 'Apps' icon on the main menu. It'll take you to the catalog of apps available for Teams. 

Search for 'Insent' from the search bar. The Insent app will be displayed in the results. 

You can select the Insent app to open the details page for the app. Click on the dropdown to find the 'Add to a team' option. 

You'll be asked to select a team from the list of teams you're a part of. You can select the team on which you want Insent to send alerts. You'll be able to select the channels to send alerts later as a part of the routing process. 

After you add the app to a team, you'll see a popup asking for your intended project URL. This is the subdomain of you were given access to. Usually, it'll be '' 

If you don't know the project name, ask the administrator of Insent in your organization or connect with us at 

You have to enter the project name and click 'Continue.' 

When you click 'Continue,' the save button of the popup will get enabled. Click on the 'Save' button, and it'll take you to the tab to sign in to your Insent account. You'll have to sign in using your user credentials for Insent. 

You'll see a success message after sign in, and then you can close the tab. You have successfully uploaded the Insent app to your 'MS Teams.' 


Insent offers Multi-instance support for Slack and MS Teams.
Often, Mid-Market Enterprise teams work with multiple websites and power use cases across divisions. We offer multi-instance support within MS Teams to manage different Insent instances within the same MS Teams channels.
You are always welcome to contact our support team on for queries about setting up multiple Insent instances within MS Teams.

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further clarification.

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