Chat with visitors when they submit a form on your website

Your qualified leads want to know that you care about them and that's why "speed to lead" is a very important factor in sales conversion. In today's world where everything is "instant gratification" engaging with a lead in the first minute can increase your conversion rate by more than 300%. 

With the ZI Chat form integration, you'll be able to engage with qualified prospects by starting a conversation, when they submit a form on your website.

When a visitor is on your website, they're giving their time for your product and if they submit a form on your website, there's no other perfect time to start talking to them. ZI Chat form integration will enable you to track the form submits on your website and engage with the visitor right away. 


Navigate to the conversations page on your ZI Chat dashboard, in the audience section you'll be able to find ' Form Submit' under the section 'Show this conversation to the visitors when'. You'll be prompted to enter the page URL to select the form from. Enter the page URL to open the page in a separate window to select the form. Once you select the form from the page, you can save the form with a name corresponding to the form. Save the audience to finish the process. 

From now on, the conversation will start when the visitor submits the form you configured in the ZI Chat audience. 

Here's a quick demo for you

Configure your ZI Chat chat to pop up on form submit

  1. Navigate to 'Conversations -> Audience (Tab)'. In the section 'Show this conversation to the visitors when', select the option 'Form Submit'. 

  2. You'll be asked to enter the URL to the form page. Enter the URL of the page where the form resides and click on 'Fetch form'. 

  3. The 'Fetch form' will give you a pop up to select the form from the page. The popup window will have two options configured at the bottom, 'Navigate' and 'Select'. You can use 'Navigate' to navigate through the pages and use the 'Select' option to click on a form on the page and select the form. 

  4. Once you select the form you can save it. 
Note: Each form tag requires an "id" parameter for form submission to be successful. ZI Chat supports only forms with a static "id" parameter.

5. The form will reflect in your audience page with the name of the form. You will be asked to map the fields configured in your form to the corresponding ZI Chat fields. You can map the form fields to the existing ZI Chat fields or create new ZI Chat fields for the same. 

  1. After you map the form fields, you can also give a custom name for the form to identify it in the rules. And save the audience for these to take effect. If you want to edit the mapping of the form fields with the ZI Chat fields, you'll be able to click on the 'Map fields' button and edit the mapping. 

If you have configured a human-first configuration along with the form submit option, you'll get alerts on your dashboard/Slack channel when a visitor submits the form on your website. 

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further clarification.

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