May 12, 2020 - Salesforce integration and advanced analytics

We’re full steam ahead!! Despite working from home and juggling all household chores, our team is cooking up a bunch of new features this week. 

Advanced Analytics

We’ve reworked the analytics to give you a better view of how the Insent platform is performing for you. With the new analytics dashboard, you can compare the engagement on the greeting messages you put out versus the total number of visitors on your website. 

You will also have a full view of the de-anonymized traffic powered by Insent’s visitor intelligence. Now you’ll know which companies are actually visiting and engaging with you. 

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Salesforce Integration

We want to be integrated right into your workflows. Period. So, integrations are a key focus for us. After our closed beta with a few customers, we are rolling out Salesforce for ALL of our customers. 

Now, you can connect your Salesforce to Insent and use the values to segment audiences more efficiently. Furthermore, the data from your Salesforce will be used to give you a better understanding of the visitor on your website within the Inbox or even on your Slack. Insent will let you know when your open opportunity is on your website.

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Thank you for all your feedback. Let us know what you would like to see next on Insent. We're always available at or visit Insent website to chat with us. 

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