Set up Global Office hours

Nobody wants to get alerts saying "An active prospect is live on your website" when they're cooking their dinner or Netflix and chilling on their couch at the end of a hectic day. The energy of the team matters for them to get back up in the morning and start hustling again. More than that, you don't want to give false promises to a prospect visiting your website and make them wait to get connected to an agent. 

Insent's backup bot is designed specifically to navigate your prospects when your agents are unavailable. With office hours, make sure your agents don't get disturbed after office hours, at the same time give your prospects a red carpet experience or a venue to book a time with your team. Office hours will enable you to control the timing of the alerts being sent to the agents. 

Why Office Hours

Without the office hours set, the widget will keep sending the 'Agent connection' requests from the conversations without considering any time. Whenever the platform executes the conversation path with the 'Agent connection', the platform will send a request to the agents, either on the dashboard or on the integrated apps(Slack/MS Teams) based on your routing setting. 

Until the requests expire, the prospect will not be able to continue the conversation with the bot. 

This is equivalent to taking a chance after the regular working hours, without certainly knowing whether the agents will accept the request or not. 

With the office hours in place, you'll be able to control the timing to send alerts to the agents. 

Outside the office hours, the platform will not send the 'Agent connection' requests. Instead, the platform will redirect the path to the backup path, where the bot takes over. 

This is the same path you configure in the conversation when trying to create an 'Agent connection'

Configuring Office Hours

Navigate to Settings -> Widget Settings -> Behavior (Tab). Office Hours will be shown in the 'Behavior' tab as an option. By default, the 'Office hours' setting will be disabled. 

You can enable the 'Office hours' using the button next to it. 

If you're enabling the office hours for the first time, the default hours setting will be, Weekdays, 9 AM - 5 PM and the timezone will be the timezone of the computer you are logging in from.

Once you enable the office hours, you'll be shown the hours set. 

The priority for the hours will be in the chronological order of display. You will be able to add more hours, as per your requirement up to 10 sets of hours. 

To add a new office hour, click on the 'Add hours' button

Your default timezone will be the timezone you're logged in from. But, if needed you'll be able to change the timezone  

You are always welcome to get in touch with our support team at for any further clarification or better, click the chat icon to talk to us !! 

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