Visitor feedback score

This is a key performance indicator that is generally used to identify whether a customer is satisfied with the chat experience that’s been offered. This helps in identifying problems in your customer service and your bot experience so that it can be improved in the future.

Key Benefits of Visitor Feedback Score

  • Understand more about your customers and collect real-time feedback from them
  • Identify how the agents are performing and implement better processes to improve customer satisfaction
  • At an individual level, understand the performance of agents and improve the overall productivity of employees 
  • Get insights on customer loyalty and brand advocacy which is likely to increase sales in the long run
  • Track all the customer conversations to identify patterns and trends that lead to low scores

Insent platform enables the agents/managers to connect with the website visitors to get feedback on the chat experience they had on the platform. The experience is not limited based on whether the chat happened with a bot or a human. There are two ways to collect feedback.

  • Collect feedback through the conversation flow
  • Collect feedback while interacting manually with a visitor

Collect Feedback through Conversation Flow

To collect feedback through the conversation flow, you have to add a new step in the conversation flow. You have to start with ‘Create Conversation’. To know more about conversations, click here.


Add Feedback request as a new step

Select Conversation flow ---> Add New Step ---> Conversation feedback.

In conversation flow, there are options to add new steps. In this, you can select the option ‘Conversation feedback’. This adds a new step where you can collect feedback from the visitors. 

In the conversation feedback section, there is an option to add description. You can add the description before the request. Once this step is added, the visitor will be shown a feedback option to provide feedback.

There are 5 options with 5 smileys.

  1. Disappointing - on a scale of 1 to 5, this is 1
  2. Bad - on a scale of 1 to 5, this is 2
  3. Just ok - on a scale of 1 to 5, this is 3
  4. Good - on a scale of 1 to 5, this is 4
  5. Excellent - on a scale of 1 to 5, this is 5 which means they are fully satisfied with the bot conversation

The preview pane shows the preview of the conversation feedback step that will be shown to the visitor.

Add Conditions within the feedback step

Just like any other step, we can add a condition within a feedback step. When this condition is true, then this step will get executed. The condition can be added and then hidden in the UI with the hide condition option.

Conversation flow feedback request to the customer

Once the step is executed, the feedback request will be sent to the visitor through the bot. The visitor has 2 options.

Provide feedback and experience - the visitor can provide his conversational experience and rate the conversation

  • Cancel - the visitor can skip providing feedback by clicking the ‘Cancel’ button

Once they click the ‘Cancel’ button, ‘Feedback Cancelled’ will be displayed in the bot and the next step in the conversation will keep executing.

Add Multiple feedback requests in Conversation flow

You can add as many conversation feedback requests as you want in the conversation flow. There is no restriction on the number of requests that can be added into the flow.

The feedback from the visitor will be visible in the inbox for anyone to view the same. Besides, they are also added to the analytics page and displayed there.

Collect Feedback while chatting with a visitor

The second option to collect feedback from visitors is by manually requesting in the chat window (Inbox/Slack).


In Inbox, we provide an option on the right side of the chat window to send feedback requests. Agents can click the feedback button and send the request to the visitor. Once a request is sent, it is visible to the visitor. The visitor can provide feedback or skip providing feedback. 

The agent feedback score is calculated using the feedback response from visitors. With conversation flows, the feedback score is calculated for bot conversation and is displayed as Feedback Score - Conversations in analytics page.

Note: For agent feedback score, an agent can request feedback from a visitor only once. When he tries to send another feedback score, the application will not allow the same.

Asking visitor feedback from Slack

When a ‘Connect to an agent’ request goes to Slack, the agent can respond back to the visitor through a dedicated Slack channel. To know more about Slack integration, click here.

Go to the respective Slack channel -> Click 'Accept' -> Click on 'More Options' -> Feedback from user

Once a visitor chat request is accepted in Slack, there is a dropdown called ‘More Options’. An agent can use this ‘Feedback from user’ option in the dropdown to request chat feedback from the visitor. Once the visitor replies back with feedback, it is visible to the agent. 

Once the feedback request is sent, a notification is added in the thread stating that ‘Feedback initiated’. 

When an agent tries to collect another feedback, the application doesn’t allow it. An agent can request only one feedback from a visitor. When he tries to initiate another feedback request, an error gets displayed, “Feedback already initiated by an agent in this session”.

If there are multiple agents chatting when the feedback is sent to the visitor, then the feedback will be tied to all the agents who are a part of that chat in that instance. All the agents will be given the same feedback score.

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