Invite people to Insent

Pre-requisites: You should have Write permissions for the Users resource set to invite people to Insent. 

This guide will discuss how you could invite people in your organization to Insent and assign them existing role permissions. 

Getting Started

After logging into your Insent account, navigate to the Settings tab as shown below:

Settings tab

The Settings tab helps you to: 

  1. Setup Integrations.
  2. Manage your organization on Insent.
  3. Control your widget behavior.
  4. Set up your personal profile.

For inviting a new person to Insent, we will focus on the User Management options.

User Management Tab

Settings -> User Management.

Adding a new user

To add a new user to Insent, locate the ‘Add User’ button on the screen's top right-hand corner in the Users tab (User Management -> Users).

Add New User (Blue button) on the top right-hand corner.

Clicking on the Add User button will open a pop-up screen where you can invite someone to join Insent. You need three things to invite people:

  1. Email id - the email field is mandatory to invite someone to Insent.
  2. Role/Access level - This is a compulsory field. You can change their assigned role later.
  3. Team assignment - A new user need not be assigned to a team during the user creation process. You can add them to a team later. A unique user can be assigned to multiple teams at the same time.

Inviting one person at a time

You can invite one person at a time.

You can also invite more people at the same time by clicking on the ‘Add’ button within the same screen. 

You can choose to assign users to teams when you invite them, but this step is optional.

Invite multiple people at the same time

Invite multiple people to Insent at the same time

After sending out an invitation 

  1. The people you invited to join your Insent instance will receive an invitation in their email Inbox. In case they do not find our email, ask them to check their marketing/socials inbox or their spam folders.   
  2. In case you would like to remind someone to join Insent, you could resend an invitation to their email id. Rescind their existing invite and send them a fresh one! 

Quick Recap

  1. Go to the Settings tab. 
  2. Go to the Team menu listed under General Settings.   
  3. Click on the Add New User button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Invite a new person to Insent by specifying their email address, role, and team (optional).

You are always welcome to contact our support team at for any further clarification or questions.

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