Deactivate a user

Pre-requisites: You should have Administrator permissions to be able to deactivate a user on Insent.

The user deactivation process is reversible. To re-provision access to a deactivated user, you must follow the standard new user invitation process.

To deactivate a user account, you must first go to the 'User Management' under the Settings tab.

Settings> User Management

Settings -> Team

Next, locate the search bar in the Users tab (Users -> Search)

The search bar is located below the Users tab.

Search for the user you wish to deactivate in the search bar. Then check the Remove option from the user options dropdown. 

Users -> User Options -> Remove

Selecting the Remove option will display a pop up requesting you to confirm your decision to deactivate the user. Confirming the option will deactivate the user from the platform.

Quick Recap

  1. Go to the Settings tab. 
  2. Go to the 'User Management' menu listed under 'General Settings.'   
  3. Locate the user you desire to deactivate in the user list.
  4. Select the Remove option under user options.
  5. Confirm your decision to deactivate the user. 

You are always welcome to contact our support team at for any further clarification or questions.

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