Setup greeting message personalization

This guide will discuss the process of setting up a personalized greeting message in Insent. This is the second part of a two-part series to introduce greeting message personalization. You can check out an introduction to greeting message personalization here.

To set up a personalized greeting message, locate the Conversations tab in the sidebar.

Locating the Conversations tab

Locating the personalization icon

  1. Navigate to an existing conversation where you desire to create a personalized greeting message. Personalization Tokens help you create a custom greeting message for your visitors.
  2. Identify the conversation where you want to set up a custom greeting message.
  3. Navigate to the Conversation flow tab to begin personalizing your greeting message.
  4. In the Conversation Flow view, go to the greeting message step and expand the text editor.
  5. A blue icon is visible on the right-hand side of the editor window. 

Personalization icon

Personalization icon can be viewed on expanding the message editor.

In the following gif, we describe the process of navigating to an existing conversation and modifying a message.

Adding a personalized message from conversations tab

Setting up a personalization token (Conversation flow -> Greeting Message editor)

Setting up a personalization token

Interacting with the Personalization icon will open a menu bar where you can select two elements:

  1. Field to be mapped - These are inputs from different sources defined in the Field Mapping page (Integrations -> Field Mapping). They can be selected from a drop-down menu (Personalization > Select field).
  2. Default value: Default value in case the custom variable is empty (Personalization -> Default value). This value should be a text input.


Fields and Default values are compulsory fields. The personalization token cannot be set up without both inputs.

You are now ready to send customized greeting messages to your visitors and make a stunning first impression.

Personalized greeting message - bottom right corner!

Timothy from ABC Inc will see a custom greeting message that addresses Timothy by their first name.


We currently do not offer support for formatting text within Personalization Tokens.

Quick Recap:

  1. Go to the Conversations tab. 
  2. Go to an existing conversation where you want to create a personalized greeting message. This will be the Conversation flow view of an existing conversation.
  3. Navigate to the Greeting message step.
  4. Open the text editor and locate the Personalization icon.
  5. Select the field to be mapped and set the default value to handle the failure scenario.
  6. Save and make the conversation live.

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