What is greeting message personalization?

Greeting message personalization enables your organization to engage better with visitors to your website. Use dynamic customer attributes to craft a hyper-customized first touch-point with your site visitors.

We’ve been doing this 👇

Hey Timothy, We’ve been looking forward to connecting with your company. We help engage and convert your visitors.

Let’s start doing more of this 🙌

Hey Timothy, We’ve been looking forward to connecting with ABC Soft. We help engage and convert your visitors.

We’ve just added more ways to customize your first touch-point.

What are Personalization Tokens?

They are variables that allow you to embed a custom field in a greeting message. These custom fields map data from Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, or Zendesk and enrich your chat-bot experience.

Instead of sending out a template message for a visitor, you could use a combination of  Rules and Personalization Tokens to curate a personalized first touch-point.

To create a Personalization token, locate the Personalization option in the greeting message step.

Personalization tokens take two fields as input:

  1. Field to be mapped: These are inputs from different sources defined in the Field Mapping page (Integrations -> Field Mapping). They can be selected from a drop-down menu (Personalization -> Select field).
  2. Default value: The default value is the fallback value that executes when the custom variable is empty (Personalization -> Default value).


There is no cap on the number of personalization tokens you can use in your greeting message.

Locating the Personalization Token on the Conversations tab


Default case: After the user selects a field from the Field drop-down and sets up a default value, the data displayed on the personalization token in the text editor will be in the format Selected field name | Default value.

Some tokens that can be added to a Greeting message:

Salesforce fields that can be used when mapped to Insent fields:

  • Leads -  are users who have shown interest in your product and services.
  • Contact -  deals in progress.

Some frequently used fields for greeting message personalization:

  • First Name
  • Company
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Insent fields can also be used for greeting message personalization. Insent also supports custom fields from the Insent field object. Learn more about the list of Insent fields in the appendix section of the audience article. 

What next?

Set up a personalized greeting message for your site visitors -a step by step walkthrough.

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