Lead creation from Slack

Lead creation through Slack will empower agents who chat with visitors through Slack to update visitor information.

Pre-requisites: An active conversation with a ‘Connect to agent’ step. The ‘Connect to agent’ step should send visitor connection requests to a specific Slack channel in a configured Slack instance.


If you have not yet set up your Slack integration, please refer to the Insent Slack integration help document. You will also have to configure Insent to receive visitor messages in the target Slack channel.

What we will discuss in this article:

  1. Viewing visitor information in Slack.
  2. Updating visitor profile from Slack.

Viewing visitor Information in Slack

You can view Slack's visitor information if the alerts are configured for Slack in the ‘Connect to agent’ step. The default configuration sends alerts to All users within a channel. It notifies all channel participants who are currently active on Slack through the '@here' command.

There are multiple ways you can notify your agents in Slack channels, learn more in the routing article, which describes different ways you can configure the connect to agent step.

Sample routing step

Connect to agent step configured to a sample Slack channel 

When a visitor requests to connect with an agent, all of the user’s previous conversation history with the bot is shared in the channel as the first bot message before an agent accepting the request.

Bot chat history prior to agent connection

 Bot chat history is shared in Slack before an agent connects with the visitor

An agent will have to ‘Accept’ the conversation or send a message to start a chat with a visitor. An agent can also send out a quick reply to the visitor to Accept the agent connection request and begin chatting. This will significantly improve their response time. Failing to accept the conversation before the ‘Execution time’ will lead to a conversation being tagged as expired. 


The default request timeout is 30 seconds, after which the request to connect with the visitor will expire. The request expiry time can be configured under 'Execution time' in the Connect to agent step. 

An agent can attempt to re-initiate a conversation by replying to an expired conversation.

A channel member will have to click on the ‘Accept’ button or send a reply in the same chat thread to accept a visitor chat request to connect with a visitor.

Accepting a conversation as an agent

Accepting a conversation as an agent in Slack


Whenever a non-Insent user in Slack responds to an agent connection request, A new Insent user is created for that person with the role ‘Slack Only User’ when they respond to the request by accepting the request, sending a message, or creating/sending a quick reply.

An agent can view Insent’s intelligence report on the visitor by clicking on the ‘Visitor Info' button. Clicking the Visitor Info button will open up a pop-up tab that describes the visitor’s profile.

Visitor Info button in Slack

Visitor Info button in Slack

The Visitor Info tab will contain the following information in the following dimensions:

  • Visitor Information: 
    • Visitor profile information such as first name, last name, email address, company name, designation, phone number, city, region, and country are shown on the visitor profile. 
    • The Name of the visitor, along with their last seen information, is also displayed.
    • Tags assigned to the visitor are also displayed. Visitor tags help you segment your visitors into homogenous groups. Learn more about Visitor tags here.
  • Location: Contains the Insent resolved location and region information of the visitor.
  • Account Details: Displays the name of the Account (Company), the Employee Range, and Revenue Range.
  • Recent Activity: Last Read message, Last delivered a message, Referrer information, and Recent pages visited by the visitor is shown in the Activity section.

Sample Insent visitor profile

Sample Insent Visitor Profile

An agent can additionally view a visitor profile in a separate tab by selecting the open in new tab option.

Open visitor profile in new tab

Open a visitor profile in a new tab from Slack.

Updating visitor profile from Slack.

Building a visitor 360° is a continuous process, and data is often collected over time and across multiple touchpoints. An agent can update visitor information on Slack through Update options under ‘More options.’

Visitor Information is classified as 'Create Lead' and 'Update advanced info of lead' and can be quickly updated from More options → Create Lead/Update advanced info of lead.

Create lead and update advanced info of lead

More options → Update info options

Create Lead contains the following visitor data fields:

  1. Email: Email submitted by the visitor.
  2. First Name: First name of the visitor.
  3. Last Name: Last name of the visitor.
  4. Company: Name of the company the visitor represents.
  5. Phone Number: Phone number of the visitor.

Create Leads from Slack

You can create leads in your Salesforce (Leads and Contacts), Marketo, Pardot, or HubSpot directly from Slack. This will require the Integrations to be set up and the required fields to be mapped, and the 'Overwrite' option enabled for these fields. 

Learn more about the setup process in the Field Mapping documentation. You can find the list of required fields for lead/contact creation in the appendix section of the Field Mapping documentation. 

Create advanced Info of lead contains the following visitor data fields:

  1. Address: The address of the visitor.
  2. Region: The geographic area of the visitor.
  3. City: The city of residence of the visitor.
  4. Country: The country of residence of the visitor.
  5. Job Title: The current role of the visitor in the company. 

Updating Advanced Info for a site visitor from Slack


When an agent deletes a pre-filled Visitor info field and saves it as an empty field, the updated (empty) field is not saved. Visitor info values cannot be empty after being non-empty once.

Quick Recap:

  1. An agent can view Visitor information from the Visitor Info button in Slack.
  2. Visitor Info can be updated through the Create Lead and Update advanced info of lead options in the ‘More options’ dropdown.
  3. You will need to set up the field mapping for required fields for new leads to be created in your marketing automation platforms.  

You are always welcome to contact our support team at success@insent.ai for any further clarification or questions.

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