Offer custom chatbot experiences to your visitors based on agent availability.

It's important to balance the need to meet customer expectations while offering your support teams flexibility to work effectively. You can Integrate your Zendesk account with Insent and enable your customers to create support tickets and search your knowledge base from the Insent chat widget on your website. 

But what about your support teams? Don’t worry; we’ve got them covered too. You can set up and perform complex support hand-offs on Insent by configuring advanced routing options in the ‘Connect to Agent step’ and handling support requests outside your office hours entirely through the Bot.

PS: We also have a few suggestions on improving your support team’s workflow using Insent in this article. 

At the end of this article, you will be able to:

  • Improve your support coverage through a combination of bot and agent conversations.
  • Find out how you can deflect low hanging support cases that don’t require an agent connection by sharing a knowledge base article.
  • Build the capability to offer async support through the bot in-case support requests pop up outside office hours 

Connecting to an agent in Insent

The ‘Connect to an agent’ step allows visitors to connect to agents in your organization. You can choose to send connection requests to specific agents within Insent Inbox, Slack, or MS Teams or notify a particular team.

Connect to agent step

‘Connect to an Agent’ step. 

What you can configure in the Connect to agent step:

  1. Where to send alerts: Choose between Inbox, Slack, or MS Teams.
  2. Whom to send alerts: Notify specific individual(s), All users, Specific Team(s), Salesforce Account owner, Salesforce contact owner, Hubspot Account Owner, Hubspot Contact Owner. 
  3. The number of users to be alerted at the same time. 
  4. Wait time between two consecutive alerts (in seconds)
  5. Execution time for the step

The ‘Connect to an agent’ step has two modes of execution (Advanced options in a ‘Connect to agent’ step):

  • Wait for agent response: This option pauses the execution of the conversation steps for the duration of the step’s execution time. If the agent is not connected for this duration, the next steps are executed.
  • Don’t wait for agent response: This option allows you to send out a parallel connection request to agents while continuing the conversation’s execution.

Note: You can set up ‘Conditions’ in a step to control the execution of a step based on particular criteria being met.

Choose to wait for an agent response or sending a parallel agent connection request.

We discuss how you can configure fail-safes and proactive support experiences for your visitors later in this article.

You can string ‘routing steps’ to set up advanced routing rules. Setting up Advanced routing helps you automate complex account hand-offs based on agent availability and allows your team to focus only on responding to inbound requests.

A complex routing configuration that you can setup could look like this:

  1. Send a connection request to the Hubspot account owner and the Support Team A
  2. Wait for 30 seconds
  3. Then Send a follow-on connection request to Support team B
  4. Then wait for 15 seconds.
  5. If nobody accepts the connection request, alert all available agents with the @here message in Slack’s specific channel.

Configure Advanced Routing conditions to facilitate smooth hand-offs.

Routing based on the availability of agents

Insent's backup bot is designed to navigate the barrage of inbound requests when your agents are unavailable. 

With ‘Office hours’ in Insent, we ensure that your agents don't get disturbed after work. At the same time, we give your prospects a red carpet experience and the ability to schedule time with your team through the Native calendar integration. 

Office hours will enable you to control when alerts are sent to your agents. 

With the office hours in place, you will control when you can send alerts to the agents. You can set up office hours globally (for your organization) and at a team level. 

Outside office hours, the platform will not send the 'Agent connection' requests. Instead, the platform will redirect the path to the backup path, where the bot takes over. 

Setup Office hours for your organization from the ‘Widget Settings’

Setup Office hours for your organization from the ‘Widget Settings’

Note: You can also set up office hours for a specific team. The team-based office hours will override the default office hours in the widget settings for individuals in a team.

Setup office hours for your team

Setup Office hours for your team.

After setting up the office hours for a team, you can save the office hours specified for the team. You can now turn on or turn off the availability of the team by toggling the availability status.

Turning on the team-based office hours for members will change the team's availability status. Agent connection requests during the ‘available’ period will be routed to the team. The agent routing for ‘Team-based office hours’ follows a round-robin assignment explained in ‘Manage teams in Insent.’

To summarize:

  • Setup complex routing rules based on your requirements in the ‘Connect to agent step.’
  • For an individual user who is not a part of a team - Global office hours apply.
  • For an agent who is a part of a team - Team office hours take precedence.
  • The support team does not receive alerts for inbound requests outside global office hours. The bot handles the inbound chat requests instead. But, your agents can choose to jump in any time and connect with inbound customer requests.

Provide Proactive support

Configure a Zendesk knowledge base search before an agent connection request to deflect avoidable connection requests. 
Setup a ‘Zendesk Knowledgebase search’ step to allow your visitors to search your knowledge base for answers to specific questions that they may have. Agents can share Knowledge Base articles from Slack by searching for articles. Click here to know more.

You can do this and more in Insent for your Support applications; you are always welcome to get in touch with our Customer Success team at for any further clarification.

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