Nov 9, 2020 - Agent Performance Dashboard, Feedback Score and improved Slack integration

Productivity by design - Agent Performance Dashboard

We learned from our customers that agent productivity is a critical problem to tackle in 2020. Most of the time visualizing things as they truly often solves the problem!

Therefore we put together a dashboard that allows teams to monitor critical metrics for their agents like the number of requests accepted, average response time, and feedback from prospects/customers within Insent.

It's completely set up from day 0. Insent can be your 'Agent Productivity Flywheel' in 2020.😃

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Actively listen to your visitors using the Feedback Score feature

Now you can get feedback from your visitors on how useful your conversation flows are. Your bot can do that for you. Cos, why not!! 😉

Moreover, your agents can now ask for feedback on how helpful they were for your visitors. The feedback score for conversations and agents will help you better understand the quality of conversations with your agents and your visitors.

Next time you’re chatting with a visitor, don’t forget to ask for feedback. 

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Reply fast - Use your most frequently used responses

It's tiring to say 'How can I help you?' hundred times a day. We understand your frustration, which is why we created quick replies for you.

Save and re-use your most frequently used responses. It doesn't matter if you're using Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Insent Inbox, you can respond with your saved responses.

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We've improved our Slack integration 

We know our Slack integration is making people's lives better. We want to make sure it has everything one needs need there to be. We're bringing in more features into Slack from the inbox. You can now update the conversation status from Slack. Your SDRs can also ask for feedback and send quick replies, without any hassle, from Slack.

Our Slack messaging also got an upgrade. One can see more context about the visitor requesting to connect right within Slack.

Start engaging your visitors with a bang!!

You can reach us directly via Insent chat on the dashboard. If not, please email us at or book a meeting with us.

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